Problem Children

I would like to share a personal experience with "special children", and the experience gained is not small, 46 years of work in correctional institutions, including 36 years in a boarding school (VIII) №37 of the Frunze district of St. Petersburg.

in our institution started to train children with moderate to severe mental retardation, as well as with a complex defect about 20 years ago.While such training children in our city was still only at the level of the experiment.In our institution, first life also created one experimental class, and then some.All had to invent from scratch, there was a lot of interesting ideas.Now we have five classes of "Special Child" they taught 36 children.

these children and is often called "special" due to the fact that they have special educational needs, even while in school type VIII, they however need a special correctional-developing environment, more space for play and self-realization, a lot ofattention of all professionals and special approaches in teaching.

certain difficulties already encountered in the recruitment of students in these classes.If the child attended preschool correctional institution, as a rule such difficulties are much smaller.Watching a child for a long time from 1 to 4 years, experts can say with certainty what type of program the child will master at what he needs extra help, some experts escort service should work hard with the child.The most important thing parents tend to have quite understand the problems of their child.Unfortunately there are children not attending kindergartens.In this case, the complexity begins from the moment the correct diagnosis that carried out by experts of municipal and district medical and psycho-pedagogical commission.It should be understood that when a Commission experts observed the child for a few hours and not always a child of the allotted time, shows all its real possibilities and problems.After all, he needs time to adapt to the new premises and new people.Therefore, we often meet with the phrase "test" in the final document of the Commission.This means that for the first year of training the child should show themselves and school staff will be able to accurately determine the route of learning.

Unfortunately, parents are not always adequately understand the problems of their child and often do not even accept such a child.Here also is the main problem that must be solved by all the specialists of the teacher and educator to the administrator.Explain to parents the possibility of his child, problems, show route for its further advancement, designate a joint interaction with parents.It happens that not all parents are willing to cooperate with the school.It is easier not to do with your child at home, just to put it in front of the TV.Very difficult to take such a child in a museum, park or children's theater, picking up for him easy to read the play, and if the child can see at least a piece of the play, it will be a little joint victory.Of course, the school organizes excursions, trips to the children's theater, but it is not enough for the development of the child's problem.It wants parents to keep pace with the school, but did not get to it in opposition.

Our school classes "Special Child" form of 5-10 people depending on the severity of intellectual deficiency and related diseases.In accordance with the Regulations on the acquisition of these classes.

Currently, classes with children "Special Child" Teachers are working on two programs.One of them is simpler, providing for a later development of children reading and writing, and the second involves the development of letters from the first year of study.Type of program is defined during the first year, depending on the intellectual abilities of children.For each child, in fact, there is an individual learning paths.It happens that the baby successfully mastering the letters, and the process of reading, absolutely can not master account and vice versa.Do not forget that the main thing for our children is the development and consolidation of social, communicative and hygiene practices.These children will never read the book.Their process of reading the signs would be limited to establishments and labels in stores.But to live in human society, they will have to.Anyway contact with people as possible to serve themselves.These skills we need them, and try to instill.

To achieve these goals in our boarding school run all the necessary specialists.Classes are taught by teachers speech pathologists, speech therapists, psychologist, physical therapist, etc.After school, the children can stay with a teacher prodlenki.If a child has already formed the social and living skills and hygiene, as a rule, students of middle and high school.Such children can be left in boarding school from Monday to Friday.

Our school has created all conditions for comfortable stay of children, for their successful development and socialization, as well as for the development of educational programs.