Red diploma resume does not improve?

Red diploma does not improve a resume.It is, paradoxically, more likely, fat minus in the summary of young professionals.Because the labor market has already formed a portrait of honors - a dependent person with a superficial education.
¬ęThe labor market situation where the employer is sure: the diploma - a refuge of criminals and suck-up", - says Alexander Pogrebnyak, an economist and associate professor of St. Petersburg State University.- "People got burned and now every effort to protect your business from the honors."

- What did the honors pupil at the University?I went to all the classes, hatched a "five".Continues Dmitry Solovyov, technical director of the project company.- He has no interest in any science, there is no shine in his eyes.He does not care that teach important - mark.These guys do not have independent thinking.They need a tutorial and training manual.But here - no study, and work: it is necessary to think.Very quickly.

- Where did you see that our graduates of technical high schools were bilingual in English?But they have five diplomas of "inyaz" psychology and around.These estimates - fiction.A young specialists with honors - is, shall we say, counterfeit, - shares his experience Juliana Sergeeva, HR-specialist.

According to research Romir Monitoring, the main drawback of graduate students - the inability to put into practice the theoretical knowledge, lack of flexibility and inability to solve tasks and to propose new projects.Red diploma, at least 50% indicates that you have learned well the theoretical basis of your expertise, not more.Rather, it is an indicator of your ability to learn, ability to work with information, personal qualities, such as perfectionism and leadership, not ready to cope with new challenges for you and completely unable to tell us about your professional qualities.

Any success dizzy.And especially the one who had to go through a long and confusing.It is assumed that the diploma - it is an absolute distinction successful and intelligent student of his less able colleagues in the study.Krasnodiplomnik can fully meet these requirements: be smart, and knowledgeable, and successful, and collected.But this success can overshadow his mind: erudite man is not always delicate and successful - not necessarily in relation to the objective itself.

- I do not just have to take a job holders honors - says personnel manager Victor Lyapushev.- And, indeed, there were cases when these experts acted correctly held too cocky, talked about his diploma as a Nobel Prize.All this spoils the impression.Of course, the diploma is respected, but an attempt to play on it, and especially unduly arrogant behavior of its owner cancels any favorable impression.And the most unpleasant that after such stories at any krasnodiplomnika look with apprehension: and will not be shown and whether his star fever?

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