Hibiscus Brewing?

Hibiscus Tea: How to brew?The answer to this and other questions about the beverages we give in the materials of this article.In addition, you will learn how the plant is at the heart of the brewing component, as well as its beneficial properties and contraindications.

What is it?

Before we talk about how you need to brew a delicious, useful and fragrant tea, you should find out what is the Hibiscus?Sudanese rose, or the so-called hibiscus sabdarifa - is an annual plant of the family Malvaceae.It was his dark-red petals, epicalyx and calyx have become a major raw material for the preparation of said beverage.

Where it grows?

Hibiscus, benefit and harm of which will be presented in the following sections of this article refers to the traditional Egyptian teas.This nuance is evidenced by its more ancient name, which sounds like "drink of the Pharaohs."During the excavation of graves of various noble Egyptians of its flowers are not just found in the tombs of, among other valuable attributes.Today, Hibiscus is grown in an industrial way of the tropical regions of the globe, as the Sudan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Thailand and others.

How to harvest and sell?

to European and Asian countries, people can drink healing drink Hibiscus, the millions of workers employed in plantations, where it grows Sudanese rose.Harvested raw materials for brewing component is very simple.To do this manually break only large petals (10 cm in diameter), and then dried in the open air or in a special room.Currently, commercially available as a large-Hibiscus and in powder form.The first form of release is better.Indeed, in the welding powder it is very common to find a variety of supplements that significantly affect the taste.

Hibiscus Tea: Benefits and harms

His popularity was such a drink due to the large number of vitamins and other nutrients.Even in ancient times represented by the tea was considered the cure for all ills.Consider its useful properties in more detail:

  • Hibiscus Tea Brewing?No wonder the issue of interest to many people in our country.After all, the Sudanese rose petals are very rich in fruit acids, namely, malic, ascorbic, tartaric acid, linoleic, citric and oxalic.It should be noted that the last component to prevent stone formation in the urinary tract and kidneys.
  • anthocyanins contained in the drink strengthens the walls of blood vessels and regulate their permeability.Furthermore, such substances reduce the rate of fat and have antitumor activity.
  • Hibiscus is rich in flavonoids, polysaccharides, as well as the mucous and pectin.
  • polysaccharides and removal of residues from the body.In addition, they are natural immunostimulants.
  • Hibiscus Flavonoids are able to cleanse the body of toxins and stimulate the gallbladder, and protect the liver.
  • Vitamin C, which is contained in the hibiscus in a large quantity, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • anti-inflammatory properties of this plant are successfully used for the treatment of laryngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis.
  • flowers, steamed in boiling water, have a sweet-sour taste and are a great supplement that contains a lot of pectin, contributing to the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Often such drink used for preventing thrombus formation, improvement of general condition, blood circulation, and also for removal and general fatigue even hangover.
  • hibiscus extract is a potent antibacterial against bacillus, intestinal bacteria, and various strains of staphylococci.However, he did not damage the intestinal microflora.
  • Hibiscus drink quite often used for high blood pressure and gipotoniki normalization of pressure (hot tea - to improve the cold - to reduce).

contraindications to the tea

Now you know what a hibiscus drink.Benefits and harms of this tea is known to virtually all residents of Arab countries.After all, they often use the Sudanese rose to treat various ailments.But, despite the many positive aspects, such a beverage still has its contraindications.So, Hibiscus tea is able to increase the acidity of gastric juice.In this regard, it is not recommended to drink for people with gastritis and ulcers of the digestive tract.Besides, presented the drink is contraindicated in patients with acute gallstone or kidney stone disease.

Can I drink while carrying a child?

hibiscus tea to drink during pregnancy, but only in the form of weakly brewed beverage and in the last stages.Completely abandon it should be only in case if there are future mothers toxicosis.

Hibiscus Tea: How to brew?

How to prepare a healthy and tasty drink, known in ancient Egypt.Egyptians laid out several brewing leaves in pottery and then filled with cold water, brought to a boil and boil about 3-5 minutes.Such short digestion allows you to extract all of the petals of flavoring scale.

Today, not everyone knows how to brew Hibiscus so that the drink has the most tasty and healthy.Usually housewives cook tea as follows: put the powder or dried petals in a teapot, then pour it boiling water and infused for 5 minutes.

few laborious, but more efficient way to prepare this drink offers an experienced chef V. Pohlebkin.He does not advise long boil tea Hibiscus with high temperatures.After this treatment destroys nutrients.B. Cook Pohlebkin recommends to take 10 dried hibiscus petals, lay them in a porcelain jar, pour boiling water to cool it, and then hold the dishes on a gas stove with oven included.This method of brewing Hibiscus allow you to keep all the nutrients plants and the best quality of tea.

Another method of preparing a beverage Hibiscus

How to brew tea without boiling?Many people use it this way.To do this, hibiscus petals should be put into the pot, then pour in a room temperature water and infuse for about an hour.This method allows you to keep a drink all trace elements and vitamins.

What you should pay attention when brewed hibiscus?

During the preparation of this medicinal drink should pay special attention to the water.To make a really delicious and healthy tea, you want to use only very soft fluid.After all, if brewed hibiscus hard water, then eventually your drink will acquire a strange brown color.Enjoy this tea and all of its variations in taste and you will not succeed.

should also be noted that for a self-represented beverage should be used only ceramic, porcelain or glass dish.This is due to the fact that if we apply metal or aluminum container, your tea will lose not only their taste, but also intense bright shade.