The structure of the mammalian brain - the victory of evolution!

animal brain structure differs significantly from the features of the human brain and other living beings, so it is usually distinguished as a separate type.

mammalian brain has a fairly large size of the study, the largest area covers the so-called the forebrain, located above the middle and intermediate.The general structure of the mammalian brain emerged as a result of the evolution of ancient animals, and it is based on the power of smell.None of other vertebrates such lacks sensitivity to odors.

common name of the animal brain - the second vault.The coordinating center of all parts of the brain is considered to be the cerebral cortex.For communication with the outside world mammalian forebrain is responsible or the frontal lobes.

mammalian brain structure is formed in such a way that its front part has the maximum size, as well as the cerebellum, brain intermediate portion is slightly smaller and the smallest size has a middle portion.

nerve endings associated with the spinal cord and transmitting signals to the various organs of animals, located in the medulla oblongata.

Various departments of the mammalian brain responsible for certain vital processes of the body.So, it is in the intermediate part of the brain processed visual information delivered to individuals.In addition, the process thermoregulation is precisely because of the control of the given body.

Uninterrupted operation is controlled by the pituitary gland of the endocrine system, and all the information received is analyzed in the middle section of the brain.

In order to keep balance of a mammal, and the balance of the motor system in general, the work requires the cerebellum.A basic system of life have their own control centers, located in the medulla oblongata.

animal organism is quite complicated, and it is believed that his intellect is second only to the human race.This is evidenced not only the structure of the brain of a mammal, but the mass relative to the mass of the spinal cord.For example, reptiles spinal cord and brain weigh approximately the same, whereas the weight of the animal brain spinal exceeds three or even fifteen times, depending on the species.

separate areas of the brain in one species develop stronger, weaker than the other, depending on the habitat of the animal.For example, if most of the time of day life mammal - the night, the most developed from such an animal vision.If it is about the inhabitants of the pond or swamp, it noted that this mammal are highly developed hearing and smell.An exception is considered to be a whale, whose olfactory system is weak.

In the brain of the animal are 12 pairs of cranial nerves.Head mammalian nerves responsible not only for hearing, sight and sense of smell, they are also directly involved in the formation of the autonomic system.

Scientists have proved that the structure of the brain of a mammal was formed millions of years.And the ancestors of modern animals are animals that have a hunting instinct, producing their own food at night with the help of a well-developed sense of smell and sight.When compared to the modern fauna, the development of their located about halfway between modern mammals and reptiles.How does the formation of the brain, the researchers until the end and do not know.But precisely because of the stage of development of ancient animals managed to significantly modify, to live up to modern times, and some - to become indispensable helpers person.