What dream breasts?

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In the dream, people are particularly vulnerable and susceptible.They relax and allow yourself to see what in the waking state are afraid to even think about.Then they wake up, remember their dreams and try to interpret them.Many wonder about what dreaming female breast.Is this a dream foretells a love affair or warn about the imminent birth of a baby?Perhaps it symbolizes the thirst for attention, warmth and caring?In order to properly answer these questions, it is necessary to look into the proven downers.They contain a lot of interesting and ingenious theories about this.With some of them we met in this article.

idiomatic sonnik

This collection has its own opinion on that, what dreams chest.The people there is a lot of popular expression associated with that part of the body."Take the chest" means a drink, "pressed to his chest" - to show compassion, "to take over the breast" - to bring to justice, "stand-feeding" - to protect anyone, "to warm chest" - believe the deceiver.In accordance with the meaning of these words, and interpreted this dream book each particular vision.

Female sonnik

As to what dream breasts in this collection contains the following information.White and full breasts sleeping portends happiness and luck, stained or desiccated - much to the disappointment in love and the emergence of a more fortunate rival.If the dreamer saw himself wounded in the chest, then in front of him waiting for trouble.A girl who dreams that her lover on the sly glances at her cleavage, may give way to reality his persistent courtship.

Dreams Tsvetkova

What dreams chest, according to the famous spirituality?He believes that women dream of happiness and successful acquisitions, and the breast as part of a body of any other creatures (birds, animals, etc.) represents the future.

Dream Book of the XXI century

This source says that kind of naked female breasts sleeping portends happiness and mutual love.If this part of the body during sleep hidden in the bra, then waking dreamer soon overcome great concern.Why dream of a beautiful girl chest?Of course, to fulfill our deepest desires.Nude male breast dream of the fair sex in anticipation of gaining happiness, and women - to recognize its shortcomings.If the lady dreamed that her big bust, it portends her the respect of others.Small breasts promise sleeping someone hate hard - poverty, pendulous - adversity and sliced ​​- change.The interpretation of what the dream of breast milk, this positive dream book.So, this part of the body is treated as a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Interestingly, in this dream book for men who saw himself in a dream with the female breast, promises good health and good spirits.If it contains milk, the dreamer is sure to be rich.Overgrown with thick hair to honor the dream of the chest, and a stranger - to the profits.

Dreams Traveler

The dream book Wanderer has its own version as to what dreams female breast.Beautiful bust dreaming to fulfill secret desires.Thin and saggy - a failure in love or business.But in general, this part of the body in a dream symbolizes the predetermination of future events, as well as strength, dignity, children's independence, sacrifice, commitment and devotion to the mother.Men's chest, thickly overgrown with hair, dreaming to the attainment of wealth, while broad and strong - a good marriage, creativity and success in other areas.And dreamed a dream chest can impersonate stored in the heart of the sleeping emotions and forgotten experiences.If the dreamer was wounded in the chest, then in reality he was waiting for a happy change, a new love, heartfelt emotion, creative impulses and other exciting events and experiences.

French sonnik

compilers of this collection in its own answer to the question about what a dream to breastfeed or to see how it is done from the outside.According to them, the bust of a woman nursing a dream foretells a speedy marriage.If you dream of sleeping with a married woman topless, so in reality it is much like her.Well, if a woman had a similar dream, then it will soon be a baby, and delivery will be extremely successful.If you had a middle-aged lady who is breastfeeding a child, waking you fall unexpected wealth.However, the wounded and the naked body can be seen in a dream are those who in reality threatens to infertility or the loss of a child.If a person in a dream, this part of the body hurts, it means that in reality he should beware of certain dangers.

Big sonnik

In this collection offered its own interpretation of what the dream breasts.Female bust dreaming of happiness or good buy, with wrinkles on it symbolize adultery, and the hardness of the body indicates shortcomings sleeping.

Dream Miller

Miller are their conclusions about what's what dreams big breasts.According to him, this dream promises man good luck and happiness.The wound to the chest for a young woman in the dream portends trouble.And see his bust mired or shrunken - in reality it means to have a lot of rivals in love and experience the profound disappointment in their chosen one.To dream of like your friend you sneak peeks at the neckline - a persistent courtship with his hand, that you, in the end, accept.

Love sonnik

If a woman had a proper bust, the Love dream interpretation would have to give a detailed interpretation of the dream.Breast sagging, stained or grown old dream of the fair sex in the event that she will soon have a serious rival in love.They are likely to be able to destroy the existing relationship, so the lady who saw a dream, you need to be on guard all the time.However, if a woman his own chest like a dream, it means good luck in love affairs from her never turn away.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

And this source tends to penetrate into the depths of the human psyche and from this point of view, makes profound conclusions as to what dream big breasts.For men, it is a sign that they are in dire need of care and affection, and all their loved ones looking for her mother.A woman who saw a dream, a dream of a larger bust, as well as the eternal youth and attractiveness.

numerological dream book

This source of great importance is given to the details of the vision.Why dream of a woman's breast in the nude?According to this source, like a dream it means that you have lost control over the events of the last days and you within the next two days you need to carefully scrutinize the people - one of them desperately trying to cut the ground from under your feet.Calculate the troublemaker is quite simple - the second day he twice calls you on the phone.To this man could not implement his plan, and always be one step ahead of him.Men's breast in a dream means that someone you know is suddenly gets in the theft, but you can not help yourself to witness this act.Over the next two months, you will have to answer questions from investigators, but to break with delinquent friendships should not be - soon everything will fall into place.If you had a chance to dream expose his own chest, then quickly (after 38 days) will visit your home a stranger.It may turn out to be a friend of your children, but there is a good chance that this mistress or lover, your spouse or a shameless robber.Beware!

old Russian dream book

On the question of what dreaming chest women, many sources can be found surprisingly predictable answers.Of course, a full bust and a strong symbol of good luck, health, and the acquisition of wealth, and the wounded part of the body can only dreamed crossed lovers.But before all these inferences anyone can think of their own.However, there is in the old Russian dream book more interesting interpretations.So, hairy male chest can dream man to profit (we already know about it), but the woman - to the impending death of a spouse.

Dreams Meneghetti

This Psychologists believe that a woman's breast - a positive image.After all, it has to man a variety of attractive features.For many, this part of the body is associated with protection, beauty, pleasure, care.A superlative is the symbol of motherhood and womanhood.So on the question of what dreams milk from the breast, he would say that it is the embodiment of vitality and boundless possibilities of man, that he draws from the inexhaustible source - the love of his mother.

Dream Book of Veles Small

This source interprets in his own dream.Big breasts symbolizes health and joy.And for a man to see a naked woman's bust in his sleep - then waking to find luck.However, overly firm breasts dream both sexes to discord in family relations.

Assyria sonnik

What dreams breastfeed according to the interpretation of the source?It is a symbol of food saturation in the psychological and physiological sense.You may use friends or acquaintances to achieve any goal, or you aspire to whatever was to help someone.Chest - a symbol of the beginning of the parent, sacrifice and dedication.However, for men this dream can wear sexy color, to symbolize the desire for the opposite sex.Even bare breasts may indicate that sleep is open to new adventures and achievements.

Erotic dream book

examining this source, it can be concluded that the breast in a dream may symbolize a whole range of feelings and emotions sleeping.For example, what a dream to feed the baby feeding?This may mean that the sleeping person dreams of having a child and care for him in every way, but this is not the only interpretation.Perhaps the dreamer misses a close relative and dreams pressed it to his chest, and the baby in the dream represents his mate, with whom he had to leave suddenly and permanently.Chest certainly a symbol of motherhood, but it manifests itself in each person differently.And that clearly demonstrate the dreams that occasionally visit us.For one woman's breasts - the symbol of hearth and home, peace and comfort, and for another - the personification of irresistible desire, not necessarily sexual.Each person is different, and should interpret his dreams through the prism of his psychological perception of the world.

Conclusion So, in this article we have considered various interpretations of what dreams chest.It's nice that for men is a symbol of good luck, health, wealth and well-being.In women, all is not so rosy, but for them it is a dream quite positive.Some sources, however, you can find information about what the young girl to the interpretation of what the dream to feed the baby breast-poor.In ancient times, this vision did not promise anything good unmarried woman and warned her against the insidious seduction.But nowadays all dream interpreters agree that the mother breast-feeding her baby - one of the most moving symbol of love, affection and care.And many of them believe that not all dreams are prophetic.Like it or not - decide.