Bactrian Camel - ship of the desert

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Bactrian camel or Bactrian - a great, proud and hardy animals living on the territory of Mongolia and China.Locals appreciate it because it is useful in Bactrian economy.After all, none of the animals have not been able to for many days without water and food, and at the same time carry on itself such gravity that can not afford even a car.But there is one big drawback - all this makes a very camel slowly.

Bactrian distinctive feature is the presence of two humps, for example, the African camel has a single hump.These humps are not other than the accumulation of fat, through which a camel could not eat for days and still feel good.Despite the stamina and the ability to adapt to any conditions, Bactrian are on the verge of extinction.They can drink salt contaminated water, eat some thorns, transfer nuclear radiation, but they can not afford to stop a person who is their main enemy.

in China and Mongolia in the wild camels survived about 1000, according to some reports there are still 2 million domesticated animals.Yet Bactrian camel barely tolerate human activity, the loss of a familiar environment, and the constant hunt for them.

Wild animals behave very carefully and try to avoid encounters with humans.

Bactriana live in small groups of 5-20 individuals.They can be seen in Lob-Nora, the Taklamakan Desert and Ardzhin Shan Nature Reserve in northeast China, as well as in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Less camels in northern Mongolia, where they do not eat thorns and saxaul and eat juicy grass on the vast grasslands.

small supply of water, an abrupt change in temperature of the vegetation only shrubs and cacti - this is what used to camel.Bactrian giant adapted to the harsh living conditions.It can quickly fade to make it easier to endure the heat, and just as quickly to increase wool, to perish in the cold weather.Camels can migrate, but they are limited by the lack of water.If the winter they can be anywhere to quench their thirst with snow, in the summer they are required to be at the mountain ranges where there are sources of fresh water.

Bactrian camels thrive and seemingly inhospitable Gobi Desert.Sandstorms complicate the lives of these proud animals, but they have a very thick, in two layers, eyelashes protect eyes from the sand in their ears thick hair, as well as have the ability to cover the nostrils.To stand still with strong gusts of wind, the Bactrian camel straddle.

Bactrian is awake during the day and rest at night.If there is grass and bushes animals prefer to eat them, but if anything like that, then it can eat thorny plants and shrubs dry.Camels eat a lot to create a reserve for a time when nothing is not found.All excess fat is stored in the humps, which after the support force of the animal.

In each group, there are camels leader, the leader, who must comply with all other members of the herd.Bactrian camel is able to live up to 40 years, it reaches sexual maturity at age 5, at the same time there is a first baby.The offspring they produce on average every two years.