How to drain the coolant from the system completely

In this article we will talk about how to drain the coolant from the engine.To conduct this procedure is necessary for various reasons.For example, repair of the cooling system of the internal combustion engine.Even thermostat replacement requires draining the coolant.But let's look at the main reasons for this procedure in more detail.From the article you will also learn how to charge the system with liquid and produce pumping - getting rid of air pockets.

main causes of the overflow

As stated earlier, you need to get rid of fluids even if you change the thermostat.In addition, it is necessary to pour antifreeze when replacing nozzles, water pump, repair the stove.So you need to know how to drain the coolant in the scheduled maintenance of vehicle systems.It is worth noting that the anti-freeze is some resource.It contains additives that evaporate during operation of the vehicle.These additives are necessary to lubricate the water pump, which rotates when the engine is running.If the cooling system to add water, the pump stops lubricated, causing it to wear prematurely.

additives contained in antifreeze, allow you to work connections in power saving mode.Rubber is much longer, does not crack, hence there is no need to monitor her condition.But these supplements are fading, as do not maintain a constant exposure to extreme temperatures.The approximate lifespan of antifreeze is 90 thousand kilometers.From this we can draw an analogy, because you need to replace the water pump at the same run.The conclusion is: when replacing the pump is necessary to pour fresh liquid.

How to drain the coolant

Before you drain the coolant, you will need to prepare for this.From the tools and accessories you need container volume of about 10 liters.It is enough to accommodate all the liquid that you pour.In addition, you need a key to 13. It is advisable to use the end or cap, as using them more convenient to work.In rare cases it may require pliers.If you have a motor protection, it is necessary to remove it.Thus, there are two discharge openings - directly into an internal combustion engine block and the bottom part of the radiator.But notice that to get rid of all the liquid is difficult.Therefore it is necessary to resort to some tricks.

On them will be discussed below.The first thing you set a container under the drain plug on the radiator.If necessary, you need to cover up the generator segment of the film.Note that the engine should be cooled down, so you do not get injured.The cooling systems of the sealed type liquid will not leak as long as long as you do not begin to unscrew the plug on the expansion tank.After all the spilled antifreeze from the radiator, close the drain hole in it.The key 13 to twist the plug in the engine block.Similarly rid of antifreeze in the cooling jacket.

small tweaks

But there are small nuances that will help you get rid of the fluid in the system.It should be noted that not everyone knows how to drain the coolant completely.And to make it quite simple.Remember that the oven is connected to the cooling of the engine.Therefore, it should be fully open, the radiator to remove all liquid.You can also do a bit trickier - put the car in such a way that the back part was higher than the front.This allows antifreeze flow through the aperture in the radiator.At the same time, even out of the oven, it will be sent to the main port.Similarly, you can enter and fill coolant.The only difference - the front of the car should be higher than the rear.Thus, the antifreeze will seek to maximize the stove to fill the radiator.And now a little about how to make a refueling system.

Fill coolant

Before you start to fill in the coolant system, make sure all the drains closed.This will avoid unnecessary costs.Slightly different procedures for filling the cooling system in the "classic" and VAZ, starting from 2108. The last model used sealed system, which is a liquid under a certain pressure.It is regulated by means of two valves that are in the bottle.Hence the conclusion - to drain the coolant VAZ-2110, is required to open the cork.There is another small feature - the pumping system as such is not provided.Suffice it to pour antifreeze, warm up the engine to operating temperature and give it some time to work.But in the "classics" to act in a somewhat different way.In general, difficulties in filling the coolant system should not occur.The main thing - to know exactly how much fluid is in the system.


Now you have an idea on how to drain the coolant, "Nexia" domestic or ten, it does not matter.Works are carried out similarly as domestic machines, and on imports.However, there are smaller features every model of car.For example, the location of the drain holes may be different.But they will still be on the radiator and the engine block, because it is the largest elements of the cooling system.In the engine there is an intense heat return liquid in the radiator and the latter decreases its temperature.