Let's talk about fruit: Tyutin (mulberry) in medicine and cooking

Do you like fruit?Tyutin - known to all from childhood treat.But despite the fact that the mulberry grows in central Russia, few people know that she has a very useful medicinal properties.It is thanks to them Tyutin - berry, became widespread in folk medicine and cooking.This will be discussed in our article today.

little about mulberry

Which country is home to grapes?Tyutina, it believed to be derived from eastern China.It was from there it began to spread, first in the Asian countries, and then in our Caucasus.In the XII century the mulberry was imported to Europe.

What then are these berries?Tyutin can be white, red or brown (black) color appearance it resembles a raspberry.Mulberry tree is different from the others in that its leaves are food for silkworms.

Mulberry in folk medicine

Before we talk about the use of medicine, it is necessary to know what kind of vitamins and other nutrients contain these delicious berries.

Tyutina (mulberry) contains in its structure a lot of sugar (10% to 20%, depending on the color), mainly fructose and glucose.If we talk about vitamins, it is worth mentioning such as B1 and B2, PP.Among the other nutrients they contain iron and copper, pectin and potassium, the content of which is the fruit of mulberry are serious competition black currant.

are useful and essential oils, organic acids and trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, contained in the favorite all the goodies.

What useful this little berry?Mulberry is often used in medicine for anemia and to restore metabolic processes in the body fresh.To solve problems with sweating used a decoction of kidney mulberry tree.It is believed that the positive effect of providing fruit and the gastrointestinal tract, the bile duct on.

Official medicine also recognized the healing properties of mulberry and uses it to manufacture drugs that reduce gastric acidity.

maximum beneficial effect on the body has a normal broth or tea from this berry.Tyutin has the following effect:

  1. diuretic and laxative.
  2. treats hypertension.
  3. useful for the prevention and treatment of diabetes (especially decoction of the leaves).
  4. restores the metabolic processes.

Many doctors believe that mulberry helps with certain psychiatric and neurological disorders, with headache, toothache, and also has a positive effect on the genitourinary system (especially "male" problems).

Cooking fruits and mulberry

to the use of this little berry can safely add a special taste, which gave her the opportunity to take their place in cooking.Naturally, it is very tasty and healthy to eat mulberry berries fresh.But you can cook from them jam or various jams in combination with other berries, as well as all the kids favorite jelly.

very unusual and useful turns compote and tea, and some craftsmen, amateurs drinks stronger, no one knows the secret of making homemade mulberry wine from this fruit.

Tyutin component may be a good basis for even baking.It is often used for making pancakes, pies and cakes.In addition, the dried berries are ground into flour and used for the preparation of any baking, adding it in the usual wheat or rye.