CMR - what is it?

In recent years, many have begun to pay attention to international transportation.In this regard, the question arises: CMR - what is it?This question we will try to cover in this review.

Under CMR means the international waybill, which is considered an indispensable element of the customs declaration.If you decide to cross the border with any commodity, such a bill should be present in your presence.So, we discussed the question: CMR - what is it?Now it is necessary to talk about the basics that you should understand.

what type of data are provided in an international instrument?

CMR consignment note must be made out in the case of the transportation for all European countries.It keeps the information of the following type:

  1. name / name of the sender / company sending goods.
  2. name / name of the beneficiary / recipient of the goods.
  3. Name of cargo, which is necessary to carry across the border.
  4. weight of the shipment.

CMR consignment note can also contain the following information:

  1. data that overload should not take place.
  2. These payments, which must be paid without fail.
  3. The amount of those payments, which are payable at the time of delivery of the goods.
  4. Data on the declared value of the goods.
  5. recommendations that said insurance product.
  6. information about the period during which the sender must provide transportation.
  7. list of all the documentation that is sent directly to the carrier.

This is the basic information about the CMR.What is it, now you know.

The need to follow when filling out the documentation?

In carrying traffic to the necessity of crossing the border in the consignment of this type should be to put all the necessary marks.The moment comes when the goods to the recipient, he must sign.He thus confirms that the delivery was made.

form and procedure for filling that characterize CMR, approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.All the rules are fixed in the convention.Under this document refers to the instrument of private international law, which was approved in 1956.The Convention requires the regulation of contractual relations in international transport.This document defines the rules for filling CMR.Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and many other countries are in full compliance with this Convention.

What types of bills can be selected?

step 1 in defining the rules by which the filled bill, says that during the administration of the goods of any state can be when you make a guided both by those rules, which are approved by the Resolution and the laws applicable in the country of the sender.And in this situation it does not matter what kind of CMR form was chosen - the established order or the exporting State.

Who can purchase invoice?

second paragraph of instructions for completing says that CMR consignment note can purchase the consignor, freight forwarders, carriers.There is in full accordance with the contract of carriage.

How many pages must be in an international instrument?

second paragraph formatting instructions said that the CMR form can have up to 10 pages that are blank columns.They can be printed on self-copying paper, and have parameters such as account number and series.The consignment note shall be drawn up by the sender at least four pages.The first four have their own name, to be awarded the typographic methods.The names of the following pages:

  1. Instance to the sender.
  2. Instance to the recipient.
  3. Instance to the carrier.
  4. for calculations.

information that must be listed

remaining leaves that characterized the international waybill CMR, do not have their own name.The first pages of the invoice will be the sender.It is necessary in order to be able to confirm the fact of sending the goods, and carrying out all the necessary calculations.

On the second, third and fourth pages must necessarily be the signature and stamp of the party that sends the goods.Also on these sheets should be signed and the side that is engaged in transportation of goods.

second page should be at the side, which is engaged in product support.It is given to the driver to the person who will receive the goods.This page is necessary in order to be able to confirm that the goods have been received / delivered.

third with the fourth page will be given to the carrier.They are certified by the seals and signatures of both the sender and recipient.The fourth page, which serves as the basis for the work of all the necessary calculations required in order to enable him to make it to the general account of the implementation of goods transportation to the recipient and send it to the person who made the order.It is this aspect and is the payer of transportation.The third page is applied to the trip blanks and is the basis for the order to take account of all the services provided by the transportation of cargo.Guided by this page, you need to calculate that wages, which will be received by the carrier.And it may be given to such sheets CMR 200. What this means is under?This can be explained by a large number of goods that you want to send in several locations.But this description.

Filling other international instrument sheets

remaining sheets of the consignment note shall be certified by signatures and stamps of the sender and the carrier.They are necessary for customs organizations.The number of additional pages will be determined by the terms of shipment.In the event that the goods are delivered to different recipients, the consignment note shall be completed for each individual address.Thus, filling pages 4 - is the minimum number.Parties during the negotiation of the conditions of transport of goods must specify the required number of pages CMR.Additional sheets may be provided in any number.In addition, you can order several bills, if the delivery is done often enough.For example, you can write out waybills CMR-200.What does this mean for you?This means that the customer will receive one package in which there are 200 pieces of letterhead.

information about the sender and recipient

seventh paragraph instructions for completing states that you must specify the name, address, phone numbers and the parties agreed in the appropriate boxes - "sender" and "recipient of the goods."However, the phone numbers must specify only if they are available.

need for specifying all the additional documentation

The fifth column have to specify those documents which are attached to the international consignment note.In this case, the consignor shall note the presence of such documentation as:

  1. veterinary certificate in that case it is necessary to make the transportation of the animals or the products that fall into the category of animal origin.This document is also required in the event that happens convey of raw materials of animal origin, veterinary drugs, food and other related goods, which are subject to veterinary supervision.
  2. In that case, if there is a convey of regulated articles should be attached to the invoice quarantine certificate.
  3. phytosanitary certificate is required if performed convey of the relevant goods.
  4. shipping specification.
  5. certificate that confirms that the quality in a situation where goods are transported industrial and food type.
  6. certificate of origin.
  7. resolution of all necessary government, if it is necessary.
  8. Act, which confirms the car boot.
  9. invoice.

Who is responsible for costs when properly completed invoice?

shipper assumes responsibility for all costs and losses that arise from the carrier in case of improper or insufficient data to indicate invoice.Filling this document should be engaged in behalf of the consignor.

dangerous goods is reported in a separate column

the sixth Earl have to fill in a situation when there is transport of dangerous goods, which are classified by the European Agreement concerning the respective transportation.In that case, if the transport is carried out other categories of goods, in this column you can specify the class, guided by the current classification.

filling, which takes place directly sender

Often there are questions about whether or not to fill the fifteenth count.It should deal with the filling of the consignor.Guided by the information that is provided in paragraph 19 of the Regulations, as well as in accordance with all international regulations, in which there is an interpretation of the terms of trade, 15 graph should fill the sender.It should be based on the contract.It lies directly with the recipient and contains the terms of delivery.

sender must also fill out and count at No. 23. In it, he must indicate the date and number of the waybill.In accordance with this document going transportation.The date of the trip ticket of a vehicle that performs transportation understood the parameter which is indicated on the front of the document.It must be sought in a row, as the "Release Note the order of the number of ____ ___."

in filling any points is not always necessary

According to paragraph 28, instructions for filling in the columns numbered 19, 27, 28 and 29, which are filled with the carrier, must be specified data about the rate that is used.There may be two - and piecework contract.This should also include the cost of transportation.In this case, we must be guided by the distance tariff and prices for additional services.In a situation where the transportation is carried out on contract type (pre-specified amount of freight is not required), all of the above graphs to fill is required.

what is meant by a transport insurance?

also should understand that for those who are engaged in transportation of goods, plays a very important role by CMR insurance.What it is?In the situation when the buyer wants to possess greater insurance cover, he must negotiate this with the sender directly.However, he may take all necessary measures to ensure that supplementary insurance has been issued.

If correct registration of all papers this kind of insurance will cover the legal liability for damage to or loss of the goods.What kind of risks are insurance:

  1. Total loss or damage.
  2. Harming the product by third parties in the course of transportation.
  3. payment of customs duties, as well as a variety of fines and penalties for violations that are related to foreign trade operations.

providing transportation for international invoice responsible for ensuring that the goods remained in complete safety, the carrier must.He must deliver the goods integrity to the point where it will be unloaded.If all the same unpleasant situation happens all the damages or the cost of all the goods as a whole should be compensated by the carrier.

In this regard, many customers are choosing a procedure such as liability insurance carrier.Is full 100 CMR insurance?What does it mean?In the case of CMR insurance will be provided to protect cargo.If you take 100 percent coverage, the carrier can rely on the damages that occurred due to his fault.


should also be noted that in the case of insurance contract may be specified deductible - the amount of loss that is not compensated by insurance services.The size of the franchise, for example, in US dollars for insurance CMR - 1000. What does this mean?This means that if the damage is less than $ 1,000, the compensation and the carrier can not wait.In addition, a conditional and unconditional franchise.In the first case the compensation will be paid in full if the amount of the damage exceeded $ 1,000.In the case of unconditional franchise is not so.For example, if the amount of damage is $ 1,400, then the driver can expect to receive only part of the money for insurance CMR - $ 400.What does it mean?In other words, the driver will be the amount that is equal to the cost of damage, excluding the value of the franchise.In our example, it is $ 400.So, we told basic information about CMR.What is it, now you know.