The war with Japan - fulfilling the promise of Stalin

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entry of the USSR into the war with Japan was quite foreseen step - it is quite possible if not Nazi Germany unleashed hostilities in Europe, the war took place much earlier.Sporadic fighting on the borders Manzhou Guo and Mongolia have taken place periodically since the mid-1930s.Some of them were so provocative that might well serve as a casus belli.But the military is concerned by the threat of the fascist coalition, Stalin, not wanting to share the fighting on two fronts so remote, in April 1941, signs with the Japanese leadership nonaggression pact.

At the Yalta Conference, Stalin gave the Allies a clear promise that the war with Japan will be launched in two, or a maximum of three months after the German surrender.And it should be noted, is a promise he kept a phenomenal punctuality - May 8, Germany laid down their arms, and at midnight on August 8 the Soviet Union began fighting in unilaterally leaving the previously concluded a nonaggression pact.

It was difficult to assume that the war with Japan in 1945 will end in the same way as forty years ago.Now the Japanese Army resisted, without exaggeration, the strongest army in the world, has unprecedented experience in combat operations in the most difficult conditions and with far better prepared opponent.Most of the Japanese army were recruits who did not have even the minimum skills of successful combat operations.Many units and formations were no machines, there was not enough artillery and missiles.

Besides the Soviet Army in times surpassed outdated planes and tanks of the Japanese.Well, great importance was the fact that many of the fighters specifically asked to the Far East, bearing in mind the victims there once grandfathers and fathers.All the 40 years that have passed since the infamous Peace of Portsmouth, is not erased from the memory of the pain of defeat for Russian troops capture Port Arthur was no less important than the capture of Berlin.It would be the ultimate restoration of the honor of the Japanese mocked Russian weapons, the war with Japan began the war with the ghosts of the past.

As expected, the military action in the Far Eastern Front is not healed - already on September 12 in the waters of Tokyo Bay aboard the battleship "Missouri" was signed the act of unconditional surrender of Japan.It will last just over a month the war was over and the Soviet Union all the goals have been realized.

war with Japan: the main results.

main and indisputable result of our victory is the return of what was lost by the Russian Empire in 1905.

  • the Soviet Union returned to South Sakhalin, forty years belonged to Japan.The long-suffering
  • Port Arthur, a city of legend, once again, albeit temporarily, belonged to us.Russian soldier was a rare opportunity to get to the old cemetery found here and their relatives about whom they had heard only that they died fighting the Japanese.Surprisingly, many of them managed to do it, and as they were able to take the trophies home a handful of earth from the graves of their ancestors and a photograph taken next to the tombstones.It was a fantastic moment when the two armies met - Russian and Soviet.
  • Kwandung Far and temporarily moved into the use of the Soviet Union.
  • main group of the Kuril Islands, passed over Japan in 1875, together with the southern part of the archipelago, again moved to the use of Russia.

And the most important political result was the fall of the Soviet victory last country Hitler coalition.Fascism was completely destroyed and the Soviet Union once again reiterated his country's title-winners.