Corporate style

What F2B / Fashion to Business?

Fashion and Business - miksuem and obtain the appearance of a modern successful company.By itself, the fashion - it's a business, and multi-billion.Fashion has become an integral part of our lives, every day more and more industries come under its influence.

What is F2B?Well-known B2B and B2C in the West for a long time soaked fashion trends and there is a world trend of global derivatives Fashion to Business.

So first there was just business as pure good whiskey.Adding a corporate style, like ice cubes, because some whiskey without it ?!And now, without which our whiskey - it's just spirits: glass, cigar, dim lights, Drogo interior, a comfortable chair, poker, luxurious costumes, etc.- This is the fashion, the ingredients without which style - not the style, and the business - no business.

Why a fashion, and so if the business makes a profit?

Many companies offer more attractive terms to its customers, just could not cope with the competition.Why is that?Failed business plan or disgruntled employees - blah ... blah ... blah ... They just did not have style!Fortunately or not, many years ago, there were resourceful businessmen quickly catches spirit of the times: invest a minimum of funds into commodities, a successful advertising campaign and get a tangible result.Look at the calendar!year 2012!And as though it may sound, but it is now so easy to "cut the dough" does not happen.

today and sell again to sell will not work because the goods are good, and you have a cool logo.With other criteria of success, a modern successful company must permeates trailblazing and fashionable idea.From brand to a ballpoint pen on the desk office manager - all part of the "information masks."It is like a seed that will germinate in the minds of the public and create in him the image of the company.How will the image depends on the very fashion inlays.

Meet on clothes - simple truth.To afford the little cynicism, let's speak frankly: your employee - and this is the best free advertising space!So why is it so rarely used by Russian companies?

Of course, you can always turn to international experience.Just take photos of any travel and see that your tour guide was a T-shirt with the logo of the travel agency that the flight attendant was incredibly good it is because it was in a chic and daring forms.What you met at the hotel staff, whose appearance located, and why?Yes, because it was someone conceived and expressed, including, and in working clothes.Farther?Go to any store, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, a hotel, a museum, a factory, so just sit in a taxi - we do not notice it, but all these colors, logos, brands, forever stuck somewhere in the subcortex ... So, we know itcafe across the street, and in another city, and remember that there we were served great coffee and spend their euros just in it.It worked!At that moment, when we instinctively turned to the familiar cafes, they recoup the costs of designers, engineers, advertisers and PR - the company still "chop down their loot."

Why so?What ends up in the minds of consumers?Style!The most frequent question from the provincials, on whom a man will pay attention if his appointment go blonde and brunette.Answer spoiled the modern man lives within Cada: on a red, a luxury designer dress.

Fashion is everywhere!Come in, it would seem, store digital technology.What could be further from the fashion than the motherboard and keyboard.But on a specially decorated shop window, to which it is impossible not to come, we can see the phone or netbook adorned the logo of the famous fashion house ... Come on in and see the motor car special edition with leather trim interior branded Louis Vuitton !!!We go into a restaurant and order a Martini Dolce & amp; Gabbana Gold.On the wings of flying to his lover to make an offer, but, alas, the coveted "yes" will be performed only if the ring is in a box from Tiffany or Cartier.

And remember the story of Levi's.Work clothes and platinum became a cult brand just because of some riveting and pockets that Levi Strauss has added to the design.Such examples million.Fashion is not just dictate to us what to buy, it is a red thread that runs through all our minds and determine behavior.

So stop your employees on the same stretch of white top, black bottom - is not for sale!Be one of the first few steps forward!Encrusted in your business is your unique fashion!

Good luck!