"Desert Storm"

in 1991 ended without all the persistent efforts made by the international community to persuade Saddam Hussein's regime to withdraw the army from Kuwait.As a result, anti-Iraq coalition, the multinational force is concentrated in the Persian Gulf, launched military operations in accordance with the mandate of the Security Council (the Security Council) of the United Nations.The operation was the conventionally called "Desert Storm."

Multinational forces were directly or indirectly represented by 34 countries headed by the United States.The quality of weapons and ammunition, combat capabilities, the advantage was on the side of America and its allies.

According to foreign media reports, the overall design, which contains the operation "Desert Storm", assumed the conduct of hostilities in several stages.

The first phase involved the attack on the key forces and facilities on the territory of Iraq and Kuwait.It was supposed to apply aviation, naval forces and marines, as well as cruise missiles "Tomah

awk".The primary objects that were sent "Desert Storm" is a system of air defense, combat aircraft, rocket launching positions ("land-land"), staging areas, the main points of the military and government.

second phase of hostilities provided disablement of the most important elements of the Iraqi military-industrial complex, as well as the infrastructure of Iraq.With the use of cruise missiles "Tomahawk" and series of systematic air strikes are also planned to destroy the mechanized and armored units of the country.

In the third stage, "Desert Storm" had to go in the ground offensive movement joint effort connections Marine Corps and Army troops supported by aircraft carrier-based, tactical and strategic aircraft, together with special forces, airmobile and airborne assault.

the fourth stage military action is the offensive units of the Marine Corps and the army, the final defeat of Iraqi forces in Kuwait, in order to restore its territorial and state integrity.

supposed to carry out the operation in two to three weeks.As a result of the Iraqi armed forces had to be suffered irreparable damage in the art and the living forces.In addition, it was assumed that the "Desert Storm" significantly undermine the military and economic potential, which in turn will lead to an absolute surrender of Saddam's regime.

practice, however, the fighting took place is not entirely in line with what was scheduled plan.This, in turn, strengthened the conflict."Desert Storm", which began suddenly in 1991, January 17 night, allowed Iraq to disorganise the system of direct military force, partly to eliminate Iraq's air defense facilities.

However, from the second day of hostilities, the army of the multinational force was resisted Air Force and ground-based air defense.The Iraqi government has implemented operational camouflage, using pre-prepared false radio and object fire and starting positions, alternate aerodromes.

After some hesitation, anti-Iraqi coalition (US and its allies) has opted for continued air campaign, causing a systematic missile and bomb strikes.At the same time preparations were marine units and ground troops to the top of a large-scale operation.

It should be noted that the continued air strikes changed the nature and purpose of the war, since it has already been sent to the elimination of the Iraqi economy.Going beyond the UN Security Council resolution that demanded "the liberation of Kuwait," the military actions were in the interest of the overthrow of the regime by applying a military-economic potential irreparable damage.

Thus, the continuation of the war has increased the number of issues on the nature unpredictable consequences.