New family: half-sister and half-brother

In today's world there are many different degrees of kinship as blood or purchased.But how to understand all this?And who are half-brothers and sisters?


Unfortunately, a huge number of families breaks.But people after such serious events often do not lose hope and enter into new alliances to remarry.Everything seems to be good, but no one knows that all this thinking children who remain with one parent, they feel and what they want.Apart from the fact that the family has a new man - a stepfather or stepmother, they can still have both of their children.Do not close blood children who acquire new relatives in connection with the formation of a new family, and are called consolidated.Also consolidated considered brothers and sisters, if they share only a mother or father.


Psychologists do not make much distinction between boys and girls who become consolidated - all children are experiencing is often difficult to perceive what is happening, and hostility.But more often conflicts occur if there is a family member, as a half-sister.Why is it so - no one knows, one can only assume that the girls more developed sense of jealousy of their parents and they do not want their loved ones to share with anyone.


How to behave parents if their children receive half-brother or half-sister?Here you must be very sensitive to completely move away from his own child, wanting to establish relationships with new family members.Also, do not blame and punish the kid if he protests, it becomes moody or just does not want to deal with new siblings.It will take a little time for children to get used to the changes and to each other.It is worth noting that more young children the processes of establishing relations with new families are much faster and easier than, say, teenagers - it is also necessary to take into account.


If the child appears a half-sister or a brother, especially if the children reside in the same area, one can observe a constant rivalry between them.They will try to get ahead of each other in everything: be better at school, to help more at home, just to fight for the attention of parents.Adults should not take it as a game, you need to explain to children that they are for fathers and mothers, there is no division into "my-yours" that the kids loved both parents equally.If all pull "on the brakes", then you can get a lot of problems.

about future

sort out what it means to a half-sister and half-brother, is to realize that it is almost the same family, as brothers, sisters, can be a small difference only in the blood.In the future, when the children grow up, they all look differently and begin to appreciate all the relationships.No such thing as a "consolidated" disappears.There remains only one word - a brother or sister.Therefore, children need to be clarified further in the early stages of dating, it's half-brother or half-sister - important family, which will need to be lifelong friends and socialize.And if you do it right at the earliest stages, it will be possible to avoid many of the problems of children with communication in the future.