From articles to deadline

Numerous articles about the distribution of working time and optimize the conditions for effective work will never conceived of influence, if you fail to comply with clearly defined goals.For example, delaying the implementation of the work on writing articles before the deadline, you are wasting your time wasted, and potential orders for the copywriting.Of course, for someone to work in high-speed mode, and stress - jolt to break through the inspiration and desire to work, but this practice is detrimental to successful careers copywriter, and overall health.It can not work without "burning timing?"Put your own deadline, such that the failure of terms would deprive you of something valuable and important.Let someone from home will be your auditor checks to see if you find it difficult to follow the practice of self-control.

Try to walk in the fresh air, not less than 2-3 hours at a time.The best option: to walk to read the TK-to-date new project to take a notebook and pen, and go to the park, the garden, in the field, in the woods, where there is fresh air, nature, and as little as possible of people.Of course, it is better to do it alone, so your thoughts and new ideas for the project no one and nothing hurt.Any laptops, iPads and other wonders of technology should not take with them, even the phone is shut down or put in silent mode.Do not try to "reinvent the wheel" while walking, think about the project, what it most importantly, imagine what color should be the text, who it will read what expression will be the reader what an attractive words and phrases can be used, visualizeall.Write down the most unpredictable ideas from them will be repelled during the project, or to recreate the creative spirit that inspires you when you walk.Home network and will only write the text.Or you have already done a walk?

on what to spend the time until the next deadline?The most sensible - to devote to his family (freelancers, most of all, most of the day and night at the computer), or do their own development, education and so forth. Prioritize and fulfill all the help usual to-do list for the day, which will be painted with the tasks that need to beexercise for the day.Do not try to naplanirovat much asstill do not have time, and praise yourself for what will not.So try to trim a reasonable number of cases, to manage everything!