The old man poet

rich older women.

I come back I like that since high school.On a typical spring day on the street there is harmony: no wind, no clouds, in general, peace and quiet.Clearly audible ringing song thrushes and larks, rolling the barking of dogs, the rustling of leaves and the distant cries, passing by, children.School lessons have ended, and the streets were gradually filled with children.On the side like a mass march or a parade in honor of a holiday.They were long, slender strip of a few people.The silence was gone, replaced with a noisy environment.I could hear lively debates and discussions on various topics.Who discussed the success of the previous day, and some failures;We talked about the updates the game industry, mobile smart phones, car brands.One can not help asking ourselves the question: "How do they know?".On the lessons of two words can not really add up to express their opinion or judgment, and then discuss, though, experts and professors in these fields.Comes to the conclusion that they spend all their potential wasted.You feel like in the Far Eastern market: the noise, traffic, hustle, do not understand what was happening, where you are simply lost in space.But after a while, the people at odds, the streets take on its former appearance.Immediately it becomes calmer and freer.At the stop, as always, the crowd a whole bunch of people.Becoming, away from everybody, I left with my thoughts deeply into themselves.While I was swimming in the ocean of dreams, thoughts, unrealistic scenery and views, people became more and more.I do not know why I was interested in one man.In view of, well, a regular drinker and slackers, dressed in torn, old, dirty, worn clothes.Looking lost, uncertain gait, walking, stumbling at every meter (for small not sprawled on the dusty roadside).Somehow I came and sat on the bench, and a few minutes from it was impossible to hear a single sound.But after a while, to the surprise of all bystanders, he asked one kid a very simple question: "What do you know about Pushkin."An elementary question, but he could not answer it.What a shame, people do not know about the most renowned playwright in the history of Russia, the founder of modern Russian literary language.But apparently, he even expected such a response.The old man had long been familiar with the all-embracing illiteracy in the country.But the most upsetting to the history of his native country.Abroad, no one asked about the national poet and writer, will be given so confident and meaningful response: the date of the writer's life, a brief biography, contribution to the development of literature, works written by him.Most importantly, even the most foreigners are familiar with the genius of poetry and prose, as Pushkin.The goal was not the old man did not consist in the identification of shameful ignorance, lack of full representation of all of Russian literature.As with full confidence we can say that Pushkin - is the foundation of Russian literature and talent to convey inner feelings of the hero, is closely intertwined with the turbulent historical situation in the State in perfect harmony that prevailed in his works.Rather his aim was the instruction on the right path, the road of research and knowledge, the essence of all created things unknown and unattainable by man power.After an involuntary way you will achieve nothing, one must come to it himself, to make himself just so he can reach the height of the mundane.

He spoke calmly and clearly, as if it was another man, reborn from the drunks and moral monster in the object competent, focused and purposeful.If you omit the facts that he had been drinking, was dressed in dirty and tattered clothes, and he carried an unpleasant odor, you could easily write it in the ranks of the intelligentsia caste.The basis of our corrupt, dying and being pulled back into the dark hole of greed and inhumanity.Only through highbrow representatives of the people, we stay afloat, though heading for the bare and sharp as a razor, cliffs of hatred and selfishness.All fell silent, waiting to hear the old man's senseless speech.A moment later he added: "You know, honestly, I'm not a big fan of Alexander Pushkin, wrote Dmitri Pisarev, Pushkin uses his artistic virtuosity, as a means to devote all reading Russia, in the sad mystery of his inner emptiness, their spiritual poverty and their mentalpowerlessness "- you know, I largely agree with his opinion, but that does not mean that I question his talent.Far from it, I'm just fascinated by different genre and time in literature, more modern, vital and real, current problems affecting economic, social and military policies.On a very judicious, and most importantly it interesting old no one even noticed.Everyone was waiting for the bus to dart away quickly from this backwater into the world civilization and the latest technology.Moreover, young people today are not interested in classical literature, forgotten the huge contribution that made the Russian writers, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol, Pushkin, Lermontov, Nekrasov, Goncharov, Herzen, Ostrovsky, and many others.But most of all an old man upset that now is not in the country worthy of literary figures who could anything oppose foreign authors.Then he began to read his own poems, distinguished by the originality and precision of the author of human values ​​in the world are not sinless.Oh, no peaks could reach if he, if not the vices, destroys everything, without any bias.I set out to you one of his poems.

the street is the coach,

in which there was a gentleman,

known to all,

As the host of indecent institutions.

He wore a shiny overcoat,

cross around his neck hung grimly.

On the street there was a fog,

and rain dripped slowly.

He got out of the carriage,

and make the high,

fog cleared,

The sun seemed.

to him suddenly ran boy:

and ragged rascal.

Seeing this figure,

He had a feeling of disgust.

boy thin voice said:

"Apply a few coins for food and clothes"

issued a stern, he pushed the child,

and moved forward.

Approaching the threshold,

he got up on stage.

entire sun dipped suddenly

He was like a God.

and inspired by light,

he felt pride and freedom,

That is, he was a man,

Similar to the prophet.

Just think, these lovely verses should cause a feeling of respect and admiration, but other than a few laughs and sharp phrases directed toward the old man;I heard nothing.Where did that good manners, the traditions that prevailed for centuries in the Russian people, the spiritual development of man.Oh, what happened to the old people, they are like an old man reborn, but not an educated person, and in a vile creature that lives in his own world, which is not interested in ordinary things.How far we are from the next stage of evolution, but here at all, it's not evolution, and in our degradation.They are masters of seeing around the grief and suffering, blame the current government.And they themselves have tried to correct, change for the better.That's right - nothing.That is, if everyone starts with yourself, try to overcome all the shortcomings and defects, to reconsider attitudes and values, then you can still achieve something, namely the civilized and humane political and social system where lead will all goodness and knowledge,no power, blood and money.After all these long humiliation and crucifixion, the old man could not, as David Livingstone, dedicated to the Christian religion, tribe Kven people Tswana.But who will suffer from it more than the old man does not become worse, that modern youth society has to live and gain experience on the laws of nature, we must make progress in their spiritual and moral views, and people are moving back the other way around - regressing.