Russian Fashion Week: Day One

Recently, launched Russian Fashion Week (Russian Fashion Week) autumn-winter season 2008-2009.
Here is a brief report on the first day shown in the RFW collections.

Kusso - miracles jersey

first - on a schedule and a new podium - collection showed Lyudmila Norsoyan, decided this time to speak not under his own name (as it was last RFW), and on behalf of its brand Kusso.

The new collection Lyudmila Norsoyan remained true to herself and showed knitwear, cashmere and the finest Italian mohair superb quality.

Kusso collection called "The Firebird" and is divided into two parts: the first pistachio, apple green and blue capes really resemble magic feathers with a remote hint of Indian poncho.

In the second part of the collection of these bright colors are dissolved in much greater tonal restraint.Fishnet leggings, dresses and scarves stacked and as a result, sophisticated silhouettes, almost cosmic balaclava - Lyudmila Norsoyan winter collection is produced all prosper.

Elena Vorrea - joy of life

famous and widely recognized at Greek Elena Vorrea show up for the first time in Russia.
Elena Vorrea not seek monotony suit and multi-valued simplicity silhouette.

collection is characterized by an abundance of drapery and excessive decoration, full color palette and metallic fabrics - in the collection, there are voluminous jackets, capes and transparent netting, lush and layered skirts, and the like bandage dresses and hats mysterious bubbly counterparts.

Overall - Mediterranean joy of life, crossed with an obvious oriental influence and Oriental draft to ensure that it was "expensive and rich."

Dasha Gauser - poetry and romance

Rosebud RFW Dasha Gauzer staged a theatrical performance with the magic mirror and performance poems of Arseny Tarkovsky.

In addition to creating a poetic atmosphere, it has managed to combine in one collection graphically line silhouette with a romantic multi-layer fabric, black cloaks - with scarlet dresses and bows at the waist - with concise festoons.

This diversity is surprisingly not destroyed the general stylistic direction of the collection - Dasha Gauzer sews clothes for moderate romantics.

sokolovaBogorodskaya - the reliability of the concepts

Elizaveta Sokolova and Eugenia Bogorodskaya named his collection "Reliable things."These reliable and essential wardrobe items certainly include warm winter sweaters, jackets melange, comfortable dresses.

It's pretty relaxed and comfortable collection: colorful pleated skirts go perfectly with the warm winter things.

No seasonal apathy and boredom is no design - reliability we appreciate your wardrobe as well as relationships and reliability.

Olga Deffi - rocker romance

Show Olga Deffi been carefully srezhessirovan and began with the fact that the silver track, replacing the podium, with a phenomenal roar and roar rolled two motorcycles Harley-Davidson.

Dive into the Japanese theme fascinated Olga Deffi in the last season, so it is now continued his studies, diluting the traditional silhouettes and textures of all possible attributes rocker romance.

Leather, chains, mini-skirts, silver leggings, wide belts bandage, stretch pants with leather pockets, jackets with rivets - by the entourage of these things give the impression of overly aggressive collection designed for nonconformist style.

However, it is actually not so: it is necessary to remove these things from a demanding environment, and find out what they are perfect for lovers and tranquility locker.

In the men's collection is particularly well turned headgear (lush fur hats) and chic sleeveless vest raccoon.

Katia Mossina - fashion large office

collection Ā«Black LabelĀ» devoted to black - the most mysterious and multi-valued color.

The collection of most of the models were a little black dress - Universal City girl outfit.

However, Katya Mossina diversified klissiku style game of contrasts, using purple or blue accessories and costume details.

long scarf, soft cardigans, ruffles, balaclava tanker, bright gloves - and hidden features of a professional office worker indicates only black-framed glasses.

Elena Souproun - style stars

Elena Suprun closed the program of the first day of RFW shows and did not let anyone get bored, to cheer up the audience with their collection - a collection of items and a collection of stars, these things are designed to represent.

Expert historic urban costume, Elena Suprun easily combines a collection of coats a'la Marlene Dietrich, curvy dresses in the spirit diorovsky new look, silhouettes of the 60s and greased back hair in the best tradition of Sophia Loren.

Elena Suprun long-standing cooperation with Christina Aguilera has led to the fact that the singer has become the face of this collection and twice appeared on the podium, opening his appearance two lines - frachnyh line and a line of evening gowns flowing.

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