The wave properties of light

If you ask the average person what he knows the properties of light, without a doubt, everyone immediately call "reflection".Indeed, there is probably a child who would not like to play on a sunny day with a small mirror, cast rays - the so-called solar bunny.Certainly, many still remember how great it was to play with shadows - is also a manifestation of one of the properties of light.But for some revelation is the fact that the waves, allowing radio and television transmission of play are the same light.No wonders there - everything is easily explained.The reason for this confusion is the wave properties of light.

Any substance whose atoms are in an excited state, generating emission of electromagnetic nature.The mechanism is simple: any particles tend to a state of energy balance, therefore emit excess energy.This may be heat, visible light or any other radiation.What is light?If we look at the whole spectrum, the visible radiation eye takes in the frequency interval 790-390 THz.The peculiarity of this radiation lies in the fact that he has both the wave properties of light and the properties of the particles (corpuscular).Who is interested in technical innovations, for sure, I heard the expression "photon engine."From its nozzles are pulled out particles of light - photons, providing the appearance of a pulse.How, then, to understand "the wave properties of light" in the case of particles?The fact that the light is visible to us is twofold: it can be represented in the form of radiation, as well as a stream of particles.A number of the experiments suggests that both views are true.

When considering the wave properties of light, be sure to mention the interference.It is based on the change of luminance (intensity) of the surface areas illuminated by multiple light beams.This interference is allowed Jung to hold his famous two-slit experiment.

next property - is diffraction.For this there are several explanations for the phenomenon, but for a person unfamiliar with the optics, can cause the following explanation: Diffraction is a wave bypassing obstacles.That is, in theory, the radiation flux from a point source can never "hurt" the shadow region of the object formed by the two vectors, but in practice this assumption is violated."Guilty" is in this diffraction.Sometimes it is seen as one of the manifestations of interference that is not an error.

widely known phenomenon of refraction.You can watch at home: it is enough to pour water into a glass and put the spoon.If we now look at the spoon, then at the junction air-water noticeable distortion that violates the geometric correctness.This is due to refraction at the boundary between two different media.

Have you ever wonder why a sunny winter day the light intensity is so high that you have to wear glasses with tinted windows?The reason for this reflection rays from a white surface formed by snow.Part of the wave changes its direction of motion is reversed due to the interaction with the surface.

To study the behavior of particles in quantum processes used optical lattice.If several laser beams simultaneously sent to one side and they counter - other rays, the energy potential gaps arise.Ambient neutral atoms are concentrated in its minima, forming a crystal lattice.By changing the frequency of the beam, the angle between them or radiated power, unable to control the behavior of these atoms.