Amazon River - the deepest river in the world

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Amazon River is considered the deepest in the world.Located in the north of South America.Starts Amazon River in Peru and ends in Brazil.It is found that it has a fifth of the total volume of fresh water on the planet.

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Founded she confluence of the Ucayali and Marañón.A significant part of the basin belongs to Brazil.For Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are the western and south-western regions.Most of the proceeds of the Amazon region near the equator;River flows into the Atlantic Ocean and forms the world's largest delta.Its area is more than one hundred thousand square kilometers and includes the largest river island in the world - Marajó.

Amazon River is fed by numerous tributaries.About twenty of them have a length of more than a thousand kilometers.

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in the lower reaches of the average consumption of about 220 tys.km3.Depending on the season, ranging from seventy to three hundred thousand cubic meters per second and more.The average annual runoff is about seven thousand cubic kilometers.It is about fifteen percent of the total annual flow of all the rivers on the planet.A solid stock of more than a billion tons.

Amazon River and its tributaries together forms a system, waterways which have a length of more than twenty-five thousand kilometers.The main channel is navigable by 4.3 thousand kilometers to the Andes.

opened the Amazon River Francisco de Orellana.This was the first European who crossed the widest part of South America.

In the dry season the width of the river is about eleven kilometers.In the rainy season increases the size of three times.The width of the delta - about three hundred and twenty-five kilometers.

People living in the river has been studied by scientists only a third.It was established that approximately twenty five percent of the therapeutic agents in the world, which are used in medicine, extracted from plants of the nearby woods.In these areas, there are about 1,800 species of birds, two hundred and fifty different mammals.River inhabits more than two thousand different species of fish.It is also home to dolphins (pink) and fish-bull (its length is about four meters, and weight - five hundred kilograms).The famous piranha fish and lives in the waters of the Amazon.

This unique without any exaggeration terrain encountered about a thousand species of flowers, seven hundred and fifty species of trees, countless invertebrates and insects.

Amazon River has a length of 6992.06 kilometers.It should be noted that the Nile is shorter by one hundred and forty kilometers.

Amazon River - the deepest.This is due to the fact that it proceeds substantially at the equator.The rainy season begins in the southern part (from October to April), the north (March to September).In connection with this fact the river flows under constant flood.

Istok is located at an altitude of five thousand meters in the Peruvian Andes.Starting point is thus located in the south of Peru, not north, as previously thought.Once installed the exact length of the river, the Amazon has become not only the most affluent, but also the longest in the world.