Volga river

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The Volga River is the largest in Europe and the third-longest in Russia.The river originates in the Tver region in the Valdai Hills.Before Kazan she carries the waters to the south-east, then turns to the south, and from Samara - to the southwest.In the region of Volgograd changes direction again and flows to the southeast to the Caspian Sea, which flows into the Volga River at a distance of 60 km from Astrakhan.

Volga flows through the densely populated regions of the European part of Russia on the territory of which is 4 and 11 regions of the republic.On its banks are concentrated many cities and towns.On the river there are large cities, among which four millionaire: Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd.

On the Volga built several reservoirs, the most famous of which are: the Upper Volga, Rybinsk, Gorky, Kuibyshev, Volgograd.Thousands of rivers and streams carry their water in the mighty Volga.Especially a lot of the river left tributaries.The largest rivers flowing into the Volga, is a left tributary of the Kama and the right tributary of the Oka.

Volga River flows through the vast territory of the Russian Plain with different natural and climatic zones.The area from the sources to Kazan is occupied by forests, stretches further to Saratov steppe, dominated in the lower reaches of the wilderness, and in the far south - semi-desert.

Before flowing into the Caspian Sea, the river is divided into hundreds of sleeves.The mouth of the Volga River delta is in the form of a triangle with a multitude of islands and channels where the unique nature is preserved in its original form.The delta is the Astrakhan Nature Reserve, which has the status of a biosphere.There are more than 250 bird species, including 70 rare.During the flight to the breeding grounds in the nature reserve makes a stop in the world's most rare white crane - white crane.Especially many in the delta marsh birds, which nest in the reeds.27 species of birds are in the Red Book: the osprey, egret, Dalmatian pelican, white-tailed eagle and others.In the lower reaches of the Volga, there are about 50 species of fish, including sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon, chub, carp, pike.In Astrakhan Nature Reserve can be found plants listed in the Russian Red Book: lotus, lily white, Potbelly yellow, water chestnut.

Volga River - is not only a symbol of Russia, but the main waterway, the pool which is the largest industrial area of ​​the country.There are built hydro power neftepeprabatyvayuschie, machine-building, chemical, oil, gas and coal producers.Besides the river developed passenger and cargo shipping.

While navigating from May to September is the site of the Volga River cruises teplokhodnye during which travelers can see many cities of the Volga region, each of which has its own unique history.This Yaroslavl numerous archeological and architectural values, are under the protection of UNESCO.Ancient Uglich with religious monument.Kostroma Ipatiev monastery and a museum of wooden architecture.Small quiet Ples, which were written by the best paintings of Levitan.Volgograd from Mamayev Kurgan, where either one of the tallest statues in the world - the Motherland