The movement of the Decembrists

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Movement Decembrists, their revolt are considered one of the finest pages in the history of Russia in the first half of the 19th century.

In 1825, December 14 at the Senate Square were removed Guards.First came the Moscow regiment.Presiding over the first revolutionary troops brothers Alexander and Mikhail Bestuzhev Dmitry Shchepin-Rostovsky.

rebels fighting lined the square (quadrangle).Thus, they could repel the attacks from all sides.

the hour for decisive action broke down noble revolutionary elected leader of the uprising Trubetskoy.Do not leave the soldiers in the area, and he betrayed them, and ideas, the whole movement of the Decembrists.

The rebels approached the new shelves.In general, came about 2350 people.However, the collection began to take place after more than two hours after the start of the uprising.An hour before the end of his Decembrists chose a new leader Prince Obolensky.

1 Nicholas feared dark and accumulated activity of the people.The order was given to fire grapeshot.At the same time, soldiers encircled the rebels.

first volley of buckshot was given above soldiers - on the roof of the neighboring houses are dotted with black.On his soldiers responded with gun shots.But then a hail of grapeshot ranged ranks, the soldiers began to flee.Shooting began fleeing soldiers of the royal guns.Mikhail Bestuzhev troops tried to build on the ice of the Neva.The soldiers lined up.However cannonballs broke the ice - people fell and drowned.

By nightfall on December 14 the rebellion was crushed.For the investigation involved more than 600 people.Many of the rebels questioned Nicholas himself.Five (Pestel, Muraviev-Apostol, Rileyev, Bestuzhev-Ryumin, Kakhovka), were sentenced to be quartered.Then replace the punishment hanging.

reasons Decembrist movement, grew into a rebellion - a thirst for the fight against serfdom and autocracy.Revolutionary-minded officers believed that slavery for the Russian people - it's evil, it is only being free, people will be really a man.

noble revolutionaries have lacked consistency, decisiveness required revolutionary activity.Despite the fact that the coup plan was elaborated in great detail, missing the most essential active force any revolutionary undertaking - the people.The movement of the Decembrists was not supported by the masses - the nobles feared their activity.Thus the people were on the side of the revolutionaries.

Decembrist movement was defeated.Thus, it ended with the victory of the revolutionary forces of autocracy.

value Decembrist movement in the history of Russia is very high.Despite the defeat of the uprising, the revolutionary idea is not extinguished.Activities of the Decembrists had a huge impact on the development of advanced social and political position in Russia.

movement is doubtless role in the development of cultural and social life of the people.On the ideas of the Decembrists were educated generation of writers, artists, poets, public figures, scientists.It is indisputable and appreciation of the human form gentry revolutionaries: selflessness, culture, humanism.

Ideas Decembrists were picked up by the next generation.Thus, the basis of the movement in the direction of the revolution in Russia were laid it on the Senate Square.The feat of the nobility aroused people.Decembrists slogans against serfdom and autocracy became the slogan of the future revolutionaries who participated in the liberation movement in Russia.

Almost all noblemen revolutionaries who participated in the uprising at Senate Square, were young.Their patriotism and love for the motherland contributed to decisive action.After the suppression of movement, many have gone to prison.Thirty years later, the survivors returned home to die.After all these decades Decembrists carried inextinguishable hatred of autocracy and serfdom.