Hitler's death

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Hitler's death brought moral relief to people around the world, because it meant the impossibility of repetition of the horrors of World War II.

A sense of his life, Adolf Hitler lost in April 1945, when the Allies completed the defeat of Germany.It has become quite clear that the idea of ​​world domination will not be put into practice.It is said that realizing the inevitable defeat, Hitler gave orders to destroy factories, food supplies - everything that belongs to the people of Germany, because this nation was weak and, therefore, should not continue to exist.Adolf Hitler had said that from now on world domination must belong to a persistent eastern people.

Recall chronicle of days after which the death of Hitler.

on 26 April.Three-quarters of the German capital were occupied by Soviet troops, but on this day the hope is not yet left the Fuhrer.He was in an underground bunker at a depth of eight meters, anxiously waiting for news.But by the evening it was clear that the forces of the two armies - the ninth and the twelfth - it is impossible to liberate the capital.In his underground shelter Hitler was not alone.With him was a lover - Eva Braun, Goebbels and his family, the chief of staff, aides, secretaries, security guards.Witnesses claim that the early death of Adolf Hitler made itself felt.If he had not been poisoned, the state of health still would have lived very long.He moved awkwardly, barely dragging their feet and throwing the body forward.He was difficult to keep his balance, his hands were trembling.And the eyes - no, not with tears.His eyes were bloodshot.Khan Reitsch, fanatically devoted to Hitler's pilot, is also in the dungeon, it indicates that in his last days he was a tragicomic picture - it was clear that Hitler was losing his mind and does not own them.

April 27th.Hitler ordered to open the floodgates and flood the Spree one of the subway stations, where, according to information received, the soldiers entered the Soviet Army.The order was made, and as a result of flooding killed thousands of people who were then in the subway.These were the wounded German soldiers, women and children.

April 29.There was a wedding of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler.The ceremony took place in full accordance with the law - was a wedding ceremony, made a marriage contract.Bormann and Goebbels (witnesses), Krebs, secretaries and aides have been invited to the celebration.The feast did not last long, after Hitler had made a will.

on 30 April.In a garden on the orders of the Fuehrer Chancellery delivered 200 liters of gasoline.Hitler and his wife were invited to a meeting room of his entourage (those who were with them in the bunker) to say goodbye.After parting Adolf Hitler and his wife stayed in the room, and all the others have left it.The mystery of the death of Hitler is that further could happen in two versions.If you believe the testimony of Linge, personal valet Fuhrer, at half past three in the afternoon the couple shot.When they came, were clearly visible wounds in the temples, around the dead were revolvers.However, the basic version, adopted by an absolute majority of historians, is that cyanide poisoning, which has long planned, was the cause of the death of Adolf Hitler and his wife.

Body wrapped in a blanket, carried into the street, laid in a shell crater and set fire using gasoline prepared.However, they are quite badly burned, so the corpses still had to bury.Red Army soldiers found the bodies on May 4 and only 8 May, they were brought to a local morgue for identification.In view of the fact that it was widely known that there are a few doubles both dead, the Soviet authorities wanted to thoroughly investigate the incident.

studies were carried out mainly according to Hitler's dentist, who described in detail the features of its mouth, matched with those found at the corpse.Also held and identification of the body of Eva Braun.In the mouth, the corpses found pieces of ampoules and chest Eva Braun - and even a trace of injury.According to expert opinion, Hitler's death was caused by poisoning with potassium cyanide.However, you can not with absolute certainty that it was precisely Hitler and his wife, because he could work elaborate a cunning plan.Hitler's death today seems difficult for a fair investigation, because not survived a single pathologist and expert, which could shed light on the story.Unknown fate and the remains of Hitler.Presumably, they were sent to Moscow, however, find traces of yet no one has succeeded.