How to paint a bath at home?

Sooner or later, any bath (even the expensive and exclusive) loses its appeal.The fact that for many years active operating surface layer (i.e. enamel) is thinned.The result is unsightly streaks, unsightly yellow or red spots, as well as chips and roughness.Hygienic procedures take a bath at least unpleasant, so many people come to the conclusion that the old tub should be replaced.However, the purchase of new equipment - an expensive pleasure, besides dismantling of the old baths in 99% causes damage to the finishing materials.The ideal option is to upgrade the bathroom.

The paint bath of cast iron, tin or metal?The easiest way - the use of a spray enamel.Bath, high-quality colored enamel, again looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing!

How to paint a bath at home?

possible to upgrade plumbing lost its appeal?It should say at once that the painting bath require accuracy and thorough treatment, but if you follow the instructions, anyone can paint their own bath.

Want to know how to paint bath at home and get a perfect result?In this case, you must buy all the necessary materials and attentively study the phased work plan.For

need such materials:

  • enamel;
  • primer;
  • special degreasing agent (you can use traditional acetone);
  • lint-free wipes (preferably of natural fabrics);
  • protective plastic film;
  • Construction scotch tape;
  • sandpaper;
  • thick rubber gloves, a mask;
  • detergent and clean sponge.

Preparing bath

Paint the bath enamel is quite simple.To do this, prepare the surface for painting.

  1. All surfaces to be painted, should be washed with detergent.
  2. necessary to dry the bath.
  3. Using sandpaper, you need to remove the top layer of the old enamel.Particular attention is given to the damaged areas.

Preparation bathroom

  1. dust that remains after working with sandpaper, removes clean lint-free cloth.Be sure to dry!
  2. need to disconnect from the bath drain and overflow piping.
  3. taps, showers, etc.carefully closed thick film of polyethylene.
  4. With the help of film and adhesive tape to close all surfaces that come into contact bathtub.

surfaces Primer:

  • primer surface should be done with a brush;
  • after drying primer should also be treated with sandpaper;
  • dust is removed lint-free dry cloth.

Applying spray paint

  1. paint is applied in three layers.This is done smooth movements at a distance of approximately 25-35 centimeters.
  2. In places where there were stains, chips and streaks, the paint should be applied in a thicker layer, gently painting over all the ugly places.
  3. After applying each layer of paint is required to wait about 30 minutes (to dry the top layer of enamel).
  4. After the treatment bath can be used only after 2-3 days (until complete drying).The duration of the drying depends on the weather and air temperature.Accordingly, the hotter, the faster the paint is dry.

By following these simple rules, everyone will be able to paint the bath enamel and save on the purchase of new equipment.

Why pay more when buying a bath, and make cosmetic repairs after dismantling and installation of new equipment, if you can upgrade your bath with minimal effort?

How to paint a cast-iron bath at home?

Baths of cast iron painted just fine.Using the above means and respecting the step by step instructions, you can paint the bath of cast iron, sheet metal, or at home.It is desirable that the room in which the painting will be well ventilated.When working with aerosol necessarily need to wear a mask and gloves.Enamel aerosol - a chemical that it is not necessary to breathe.Protection to avoid unpleasant consequences to health.

Baths of cast iron have a large number of advantages, they retain heat well, so that the water does not cool down very long.Therefore, if your cast iron bath has lost its attractive appearance, do not rush to change it to a model of more advanced materials.Painting enamel will help save the situation.

Choosing paint How to paint a bath at home?The choice of materials is very important!The result of the work depends on the accuracy of the application and, of course, the quality of the paint used.

not immediately say that is not necessary to over-save and buy a cheap paint that is neither reliable nor high quality.Otherwise, this would entail additional expenditure.

So what color the paint bath is best?Experienced professionals who have extensive practical experience, it is recommended to use a paint enamel epoxy.The paint is produced as an aerosol and has excellent characteristics.Firm-manufacturer should also choose the well-known and reliable.Large companies value their reputation, so their products meet all current international requirements and regulations.

profitable to paint yourself a bath?

Perhaps you too are interested in the question: "How to paint a bath at home?", But you doubt that this is a worthwhile venture.

painting bath is several times cheaper than replacing it.It's not just the economy, it is possible to increase the lifetime of any bath for at least a half times!Work on updating the damaged plumbing will not take much time, and the result will exceed all expectations.

Bath, spray painted quality, looks like new!The cost of spray enamel and other materials is relatively small.Especially when compared with the cost of a new modern bath.The advantages are obvious.

permanently retain excellent result coloring will help you useful advice:

  • it is not necessary to soak in the bath linen;
  • not leave water in the bath for a long time;
  • do not use chemical detergents, which can damage the enamel.

Any bath be restored!The main thing is to show patience, accuracy and use of quality materials.