Which fuel is best?

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impressive majority of drivers are wondering about what the best fuel on Russian roads of the domestic brands, developed on the Euro-4 standard.However, you should advance to disappoint all those present: how to say in most forums and various social networks (thanks to the huge number of tests and examinations), a gasoline is most suitable only under the Euro-3 standard (obsolete indicator), and even then not every manufacturer.The difference might be felt only between 95 and 98 fuel, with the product with the highest octane for gasoline engine is very rare in the Russian towns and petrol stations is expensive (average price - just above thirty rubles).And in other brands of fuel are often used for all vehicles, the difference is not so critical.Therefore, the question of what gasoline is better 92 or 95, have to answer ambiguously.

Firstly, on cars (mostly foreign cars), which is contraindicated the use of more dilute raw materials and fuel recommendations inscribed Ai-95, the difference with the use of AI-92 is not as noticeable.This bitter truth is the right to life only in the domestic product.Diluted gasoline for Russian gas stations is almost the same octane, often poor quality manufacturers make 95 gasoline even worse by adding various additives, ruining the car from the inside.

Secondly, compared two similar vehicles that refuel at a gas station AI-92 and AI-95, the difference in the almost palpable (if TNK-tested).The sole figure in this case, a gasoline better it can serve as a pricing policy.On the cheaper 92-m can save up to several hundred rubles a month, no more.

But do not forget about the repair of the car, which may become more frequent due to the use of "harmful" fuel.Basically, you can verify this by looking at the spark plugs, which because of the low quality fuel could be a film, and a small deposit.But this will only lead to the fact that in the near future will need another TO.

So how do you determine which gasoline is better if all the tests conducted indicate insignificant difference between the two brands?

should adhere only his own opinion and choose a quality petrol station, which is in a particular city or region will have a lot of positive feedback.

opportunity to ask for a certificate as a fuel has not been canceled, but do not rejoice just the fact that you will be shown the paper, where all will be certified by a higher court.If Russia forge petrol, then certainly "indicator" on paper ...

It is best to conduct a survey of drivers to help decide what is best to fill petrol.This at least will help you choose one or two producers, who can be trusted.

But do not forget that during the winter fuel composition must also change because of the big cons at the thermometer.As in this case to determine which gas station switched to winter format, and any and pour "bodyazhnoe" gasoline?

There will only examination of the selected fuel, as on external parameters will be very hard to tell the difference.This requires to take a few drops collect them in a container and taken to an independent laboratory.

Remember that the main indicator of the quality of gasoline will serve as a work of your car.Exhaust gases, agility on the road, the sound of the engine - all these tell the owner about the correctness of his choice, which is why gasoline is better always to solve the consumer, because it is only responsible for the safety of his car.And you want to ride on his "iron horse" a little longer.