Calculation of maternity

leaving on maternity leave, she is entitled to certain benefits that are associated with pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of the child.One of such benefits include maternity leave, or simply - maternity.

calculation fiat in 2012, is regulated by Federal Law number 255 of 29.12.06 with the amendments thereto from 25.02.11 № 21. According to the above amendment for two years (2011-2012). Pregnant woman can choose a more favorable method of calculation.

option to carry out the calculation of maternity there are only two.

first accounting is performed by default, it is described in the new law.Its main difference is that the average daily wage, from which to make further charges, calculated on the basis of 24 months.All payments of which were made by the premiums for the previous 24 months, the hospital, plus fixed and divided into 730 days.As it happens daily payout of sick leave.To make a payment for all the days maternity hospital, a day the amount is multiplied with the number of days in it.There are generally accepted standards of hospital days for maternity leave.For uncomplicated single pregnancy is given a sheet of disability for 140 days for multiple - 194 days.For singleton pregnancy to childbirth, which passed with complications, issued an additional sheet of disability, the total number of days on two sheets should not exceed 156 days.

amount of the annual earnings of women included in the calculation of maternity, shall not exceed the maximum allowable for 2010 - 2012.That is, those which are produced with contributions to social insurance.

If pregnancy prior two calendar years were on leave to care for a child or for some other reasons, salaries of this period is less than in previous years, the woman can write an application for a different period for calculating benefits.The important point can be called and the fact that the average salary for the calculation can not be less than the minimum wage.

working at several jobs over the last two years before the onset of pregnancy, a woman has the right to receive benefits for pregnancy and childbirth each job.

If for any reason, the estimated amount of benefits and maternity leave will be longer expecting it by the old rules, the woman, provided writing to the accounting application, is entitled to receive the amount of benefits calculated in accordance with the version of the law in force until 2011.

second option that allows you to calculate the maternity, recorded in the old version of the law.Its use is currently only possible when submitting a specific application to the accounting pregnant.It involves the calculation of the average salary for the previous 12 months maternity hospital.

make calculations on the old fiat, come from all payments of which were made contributions, other than payments that are not included in average salary and divided by the number of days that were actually worked.That is, weekends, holidays, vacation days, and thus the amount of vacation time, sick days and the amount shall not be included.

into account maternity under the old method includes only payments received by a woman before the decree on the last place of work, while the new wording suggests the possibility of certificates of wages received for 2 years and by other employers.

Regardless of the method, the woman, maternity payment must be made within 10 days from the day when the original medical certificate has been submitted to the accounting department of the employer.Payment of the accrued amount of allowances held in the next set for salary day.