Who discovered America?

From school we are taught that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and we used to believe that information.But now there are more theories, and most importantly - the evidence that Europeans visited the New World for many centuries before.So, based on the myths and legends of South American Indians, which featured white-skinned and bearded gods sailed wonderful boats, some scientists concludes that the first place they visited the Romans or the Greeks.In favor of this theory say tobacco leaves have been found in the tombs of Greece and Egypt.However, this evidence is not enough.

And yet the question of who discovered America stirs and excites the brightest minds of modern scholars.Increasingly, in the territory of the Americas are the Phoenician and Celtic script.The cave paintings perceive trends of various European tribes, and mythology sometimes brings surprises of the same kind.However, nothing concrete, no dates or names.In any case, this applies to South America, North, things are somewhat different.

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Who Discovered North America?It is now safe to say that for five centuries before the Spaniard, on the lands of North America, and even landed some time the Vikings lived.On specific dates, of course, it also does not go, however, safe to say that it happened at the beginning of the second millennium.

But with the personality of the traveler, things are much better known for its name and some facts of his biography.His name was Leif Eyrikson.His ancestors in the male line, the father (Eirik the Red) and grandfather were scholars, and Leif continued the family business.Eirik the Red is considered the discoverer of Greenland.He even founded on its banks two settlements, which later emptied after abrupt climate change.

Eyrikson Born in Iceland, probably in the year 970.As an adult, Leif moved to live in Norway, as was the desire to serve tamoshnem king.It was a time of rapid spread of Christianity in the north, and many Norwegians, including himself Leif Eyriksona, embraced Christianity.

long time in Norway, however, he did not stay, the blood of their ancestors and the spirit of the traveler's name was on the road, and he went on the trail of his father in Greenland.There, he met with other researchers, Bjarni Heryolfsonom, who was known for his travel to the west.Leif He buys a ship and sent already on his route, but for some unknown reason, it takes a little to the north, and passing several islands, landing on the mainland, which struck his Izobilnoye?Deep rivers teemed with fish around was fertile land with a mild climate even in winter grass grew.

this winter Vikings lived in the open ground, and they even founded a small settlement, then returned home and told his compatriots about the country, called Vinlend.More from Viking in that direction no one was swimming, as the climate has changed dramatically, and very cold to swim to Vinlenda became impossible.However, the memory of them left a small village on the ocean in North America.It also leaves the question of who discovered America, open.

believed that Columbus was about to sail to Asia, particularly to India.However, there is evidence that the discovery of America was not at all coincidental, and that he knew where they were going.So, when the men started to complain about excessively long journey, he said that the land will be after 1000 miles and I was right.In addition, he brought with him a large number of glass beads, which are then successfully exchanged for valuable items.

Whence Spanish explorer might know where to swim?It is known that before his famous expedition, Columbus sailed to the north and may have traveled to Iceland.There he could hear about the famous Viking voyages.Could the Spaniard decide to repeat this trip?Quite possible.However, the fact that does not change.

So who first discovered America?The question is really difficult.It is reasonable to assume that opened it many times by different people from different eras and civilizations.They open and left their mark in the history of the New World.Yes, and the Old World, oddly enough, I was, if not a lot, under the influence of any such discovery.

However, some scientists answer the question of who discovered America, he is unequivocal: Colombia.They present their arguments and evidence.However, it is worth noting one more feature in favor of early contacts between Europeans and the new earth to show travelers scientists who study the situation on the ground, or, like Thor Heyerdahl to simulate the possible trip across the Atlantic.In favor of the absence of such contacts they say, as a rule, armchair theorists.This aspect is not on your nelly not diminish the view of one or the other, but it makes you wonder.

asked questions - who discovered America, can be any number, one will be undeniable, that Columbus discovered its Europeans.It was his expedition began its active development of the New World, and in this sense is a pioneer by him.