How to choose a good drawer for vegetables

not so important, you are buying vegetables in a shop, market or grow them on their own land, in any case, they must be properly stored for winter.Traditionally, that they are placed in boxes and lowered into the basement, put on a balcony or in a cool room.Such storage allows you to preserve the purchase or harvest with minimal losses.What is he - the right drawer for vegetables?This container is usually made of plastic, metal or wood.Consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Wood products

Wooden box for vegetables is recognized by most people as the most simple and convenient option, since it does not require any special care, it is lightweight, long serves, easily repaired and recycled.Yes, and kept it all wonderful.The disadvantage is the time that the wood is difficult to remove the packaging, and this can lead to formation of mold and mildew.However, this is fairly easy to avoid, enough to cover any paint timber and wash the box is simple.In addition, these containers can not only buy, but also to make the most, if not from the improvised, from the very inexpensive raw materials.

Plastic versions

plastic boxes for vegetables, too light, well-treated, but low-quality material could quickly burst or break.That is why you should buy a container from trusted manufacturers.If you managed to buy a quality product, it will endure fluctuations in temperature, mechanical stress, preserve the original appearance for many years.


Perhaps the most unpopular option - a metal box for vegetables.Such containers heavy vegetables in it freeze in a cold room, metal susceptible to rust, and repair it on their own will not be particularly easy.Although the cost is not very high, in these little boxes admirers.

Summing up this brief overview, we can understand that the best option is still wooden crates for vegetables and fruits that you need to keep for some time.Of course, there are still cardboard, foam and other containers, but because of its disposability, they can not qualify for widespread use.In addition, vegetables are stored in them are not very good: rot, freeze.

If you do not have a basement, you are not afraid frosts

usually happy owners of cellars any particular problems of long-term storage carrots and potatoes do not test, but those who live in an apartment, have hard times.In the living room is too warm and dry and unstable conditions in the loggia.What they choose the box?On the balcony for vegetables the best option would be the cold box.

This design of two boxes that are inserted into one another, equipped with thermal stabilizer.This box has a lid, and securely stores any vegetables, regardless of the temperature outside.You can buy a ready-made model or to make a container independently.