Fire safety measures

Fire statistics from year to year is disappointing.For example, a daily in 2011, Russia recorded 460 fires that took the lives of over 30 people, and as many people to afford injury.Every day, the material damage amounted to 46 million. Rubles.On fire killed 4 times more people than during other emergencies.Therefore, the problem of fire safety in the residential sector, organizations and facilities is acute.

Each head of an organization or an individual entrepreneur is required at the enterprise to take the necessary fire safety measures.The system such events are three components.

  1. established fire regime.

Fire mode includes the following fire safety measures:

- to set the sequence and time of the fire hazard;

- properly equipped smoking areas, if it is allowed;

- to determine the consistency with which will be de-energized during the fire electrical equipment;

- if there are explosives - determined by appropriate storage and the maximum permissible quantity;

- organize the cleaning any c

ombustible waste, flammable materials and inspection of premises at the end of the shift or working day;

- instructing staff and define responsibilities and procedures in case of fire;

- a list of work prohibited to perform without instruction on the rules of fire safety.

2. Maintenance and support of the state fire in buildings, in every domestic indoor and outdoor areas, areas.

To do this, the following measures of fire safety:

- equipped with specially designated area facilities and equipment to extinguish the fire;

- set in the premises of the fire alarm system and fire alarm system;

- ensure that all fire hydrants, fire hydrants, fire doors, valves and other safety devices are functioning properly;

- install outdoor lighting;

- keep the entrances to the buildings and structures for the free passage of a fire truck;

- to see to it that had worked and direct dial telephone with the nearest point of fire protection;

- monitor the serviceability of emergency exits, install windows deaf grilles.

3. Control over how the general requirements of fire safety during the operation, maintenance and repair of buildings, rooms, separate facilities, as well as equipment, tools, utilities, and others. To do this:

- designatepersons responsible for carrying out scheduled and unscheduled inspections, during which the fire is estimated condition and is performed by field staff rules and fire safety measures;

- time to provide metrological service of measuring devices of fire-fighting equipment;

- helping the inspectors on fire supervision to inspect buildings and interior organization.

only if all the events in the organizations will be provided with fire safety.

70% of fires account for the residential sector.Since 2005, local authorities are obliged to provide primary measures of fire safety.This means that municipalities should implement the necessary measures to prevent fires, to carry out during a fire rescue people and property.These measures include:

- issues of legal, logistical and financial support of fire safety;

- development of plans and programs to ensure the fire safety of municipal property, their realization;

- fundraising and firefighting forces, the organization of rescue operations;

- fire regime and establish control over its execution;

- to provide public notification of the fire, communications, free passage for fire engines;

- spread knowledge of fire safety among the public and decision makers;

- the organization of voluntary fire brigade.