What is character?

adjective describing the character, in the Russian language very much.Human nature writers and psychologists viewed from various sides.To list them all in a short article is impossible and not worth it.After much number symptoms can be reduced in the system, in this case it will be much easier to answer the question "What is character?".

First, a little about the system itself.The scientific discipline, which will be discussed, is not recognized by all scholars, because it was not born in the academic world, and "the people."Perhaps you have already guessed that we will focus on socionics.It is this science gives 16 responses to the question of what are the traits of character.For simplicity, we restrict the number of characters considered to 8. That's how much the basic types described Jung, whose work is based on modern researchers.

Types describes not only the creators of socionics.His answer to the question of what happens in nature, given by many researchers, such as Leonhard, Kretschmer, Licko.Yet socionics is very interesting to many.Why is that?It considers the "variety" of the psyche from the standpoint of information approach.People are different because of different process information and clarifies the science - how.Information is eight species in terms of their sotsioniki called aspects.

Let's start with the two types, the basis of intelligence that is the aspect of "relations."It is about human interaction, such people see the world through the prism of relations, they are well versed in how to affect people's opinions.They intuitively able to be good PR people, and quite accurately predict the public reaction to those or other actions.

second pair of types - people with mental aspect for the dominant "Will".They are well protected, and sometimes even attack.They make the best athletes.After all, qualities such as the will to win and a desire to succeed distinguish them from members of other psychological types.They are always well arranged in life, they can be found among the business representatives.

Speaking of business.There are successful people whose mind is set on the aspect of "technology."After all, they are set to the nature of the business relationship, and they know how and what to do at one time or another.For them, the situation is hopeless is not there.What happens in nature, they can not always tell.But on the qualifications of the people around them are judged very confident and not without reason.

best thing about what happens in nature can tell, those whose consciousness aspect is set to "possible".Such individuals are often at their first meeting are able to tell you what to expect from this or that person.However, they are not always able to focus, and therefore good as consultants, but not as leaders.Though among creative professionals, they often occupy high posts.

By nature sybarites people with expertise in the aspect of "Comfort".They more than anyone else understand the beauty, cooking, there are observation by doctors.And therefore able to see the earliest signs of the disease.Women of psycho usually well versed in fashion.And men have a natural sense of style.

If a person is well versed in the aspect of "system", it can be a little difficult for those around her tendency throughout to see connections and patterns.Often, he is too smart for loved ones, and those psycho women live well only if they have acquired and highly paid profession requires hard thinking.

But what perspective can say specialists aspect of "Events".For them to see the situation is normal in the development.And sometimes wonder around almost mystical coincidence forecasts, these people with the reality.But it is not in the paranormal abilities, the fact is that the subconscious of these people more actively processes information.

Well, finish describing types configured on the aspect of "Emotions".Such people are able to feel the atmosphere and successfully entertain others, helping them to relax and feel good.They do best to console a person is bright and creative individual.

What is character?Read a good book on socionics and you yourself will be easy to make the characteristics of any person.And you'll better know what the characters are and how to interact optimally with different people.