Knives Cold Steel - Cold Steel story

At various times, many generations of people had some weakness for this kind of bladed weapons like knives.According to various studies, the knife had the greatest impact on human development in different time era, and his greatest discovery was a breakthrough in the way of primitive man to modern man.

types of knives and their description

This weapon can have a completely different purpose, and used in various fields of activities and situations.According to this principle occurs in the classification of knives:

  • cutting;
  • hunting;
  • training;
  • fighting;
  • knives for survival;
  • tourism;
  • throwing.

Over time, the knife has become a universal cutting tool is its transformation with the addition of various functions and change the modifications.

History of

cutting tool for a variety of domestic and combat purposes, which later became known as the knife appeared in the Paleolithic era, about 2.5 million years ago.Stone Age to the modern world has presented a variety of different objects and devices that people use so far, although their production technology and enough types of refined and modified.

start was pretty primitive - with flint stone or almond pieces, to which was attached a wooden, bone or bamboo handle.With the change of eras there was a change of the material for the manufacture of the blades.Stone replaced the bronze, then copper, and after them instead of iron.With the development of industrial knives began to be produced in significant quantities.Great popularity began to use folding knives.

Pocket Knives

In the middle of the XVII century a great acceptance on the part of the men received various folding pocket knives.Their use, and this demand is explained very simply - they can be safely and openly carry with them and use the tool size allows for different work.Over time, their improvement occurred.This was due to the desire of producers to increase the safety of their products, to give additional functionality and further increase the demand for them.

today in any store you can buy such instruments from different manufacturers with numerous features, original design.Is no exception and folding knives Cold Steel.This type of knife is popular all over the world due to its technical characteristics and forms to suit every taste.

Empire cold steel

Today the market of this type of weapon and tool around with various international manufacturers.They offer all kinds of knives, shapes, colors;There are even knives with features that will delight collectors, connoisseurs, lovers, lovers.One of the leaders in this field takes the famous American company Cold Steel.Cold Steel knives are very popular for more than 35 years.Modern plants for the production of these knives are visible in many parts of the world - US, Japan, China and India.

Knives where "live" traditions of the peoples of the world

wide range of products are folding and clumsy knives Cold Steel, swords, daggers and various other bladed weapons.The main feature is the combination of modern production technologies and spirit of different epochs.Various types of weapons that are produced in different parts of the world, as if absorbs the traditional technology, knowledge, technology, Japanese Samurai, Pirate, African hunters.An important feature is that the knives Cold Steel meet all modern standards, and quality and safety standards.However, they retain some originality.

Cold Steel knives for different purposes

As already noted, is a universal and everyday tool, like a knife, can be used in a completely different and unusual situations and purposes.The most common use after the kitchen - a variety of martial arts training.

Training knife Cold Steel is great for learning.Only practical training will help to deal with it confidently and use weapons in various battles.Special knives perfectly protect against unforeseen injuries and help you learn the necessary skills of warfare.The peculiarity of this blade is material from which they are made - the solid rubber.This is a complete prototype combat knife.Prick such weapons is felt well enough, because it uses an elastic rubber, but it also helps to avoid scratches and cuts.The blade can be bent, and the very structure of the knife will not be damaged.It provides security and student and trainer, while falling on a wooden knife can not always go completely to both sides.

excellent technical characteristics have a knife Cold Steel Recon and knife "Cold Steel Tanto."A special feature is the structure of the blade knives and blades.Both products can be categorized as universal, which will be useful in any situation.

Japanese tradition Samurai outfit always interested connoisseurs.Knife Cold Steel Tanto is considered the epitome of the American Direct medieval traditional Japanese knives.However, they will please fans of martial arts.Conducting fights with weapons meets all regulations.Wrap tool is convenient and easy thanks to the special sheath of black leather.Knives Cold Steel will not disappoint their owners.

design, weight, equipment, color, and the most important technical data of each blade will help to find its owner and give him a real pleasure from the acquisition.