Blackout roller blinds - Operation and maintenance

Making windows occupies an important place in the interior of the premises.Products used for this purpose must be held not only a decorative function, but also to protect the room from the penetration of sunlight.

One of the most modern variant of this design today are the blinds.Light-proof, providing complete blackout, they, unlike the blinds, guaranteed protection against the penetration of the sun's rays and prying eyes.

Blinds - what is it?

These products can be installed on windows of any size and configuration.They are practical and convenient.

rolling blackout curtains are a tissue cloth attached to a special shaft.It is housed in a box, which you can choose according to any interior.

curtains are in motion by an electric motor, using a remote control or manually.Manual mode control is of two kinds:

  • chain-cord located on the side curtains, pulling which the web can be lowered or collapse;
  • spring clip;in this case the canvas curtains enough stretch to the desired level, and it locks automatically due to the spring.

Features blinds

Attach blackout blinds possible to the wall above the window opening, inside, or directly on the window itself.In any of these embodiments, the gap is completely closed the curtains because of the presence there of the side rails.

Since the structure is solid curtains, their various deformations are excluded, even in the case of contact between the window sashes.Moreover, the monolithic structure creates a kind of air cushion between the curtain and the window, which reduces the penetration into the room cold and noise.

Opacity fabric can be divided into three types: fully transparent, translucent and opaque completely, which makes it possible to solve different problems darken the room.

Light-proof blinds for plastic windows today are becoming more common as the most optimal solution.This is due to the fact that not only can they go as an adjunct to conventional curtains protecting from burnout, but also able to fully replace them where the curtains are not very relevant or not possible to hang them.

types of fabrics for roller blinds

design, colors and functionality curtains impresses with its diversity.

Blinds opaque in its execution are divided into several types:

  • -colored, with a variety of colors;
  • texture, simulating a variety of natural materials, as well as having a volumetric or jacquard weaving;
  • printed design, allowing them to pick up a harmonious interior of the kitchen, nursery, living room or bedroom.
  • functionality designed for both light and additional teplootrazheniya, as well as with special impregnation for use in areas with high humidity or high fire risk.

rolling blackout curtains made of any kind of tissue, are not subject to shrinkage, changes in shape and burn, as well as excellent facilities protect against overheating.

Use and Care

To curtains fully comply with its intended purpose and does not cause any problems, you should initially choose them properly.Now they can make to order or buy in DIY stores.

If you are satisfied with ready-made blinds blackout, then, going to the store, measure the width of the window opening and the distance from the attachment shaft before the window sill, if you are going to install the curtains in the window opening.In case of fixing them on the wall over the opening to its width add another 4 cm, to provide an overlap with the wall.

special care curtains do not need.In the manufacture of cloth impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt and dust.That's why in order to maintain the purity of their sometimes enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

protection from the sun, heat, darkening the room right, and just a beautiful decor elements - all these blinds provide blackout.Reviews are very positive, and demand is growing.