How to wear a scarf pavloposadskie beautiful?

How to wear a scarf pavloposadskie?This question asks himself every woman, with whom he appeared.Pavloposadskie handkerchief - a unique, superior product, made only from natural materials.It gives people not only heat, but also comfort and good mood.Each scarf - this is the real work of art.His paint never fade, and the pattern looks different each time.

interesting note

Yet how to wear a scarf pavloposadskie?Their story has a population of about one hundred and fifty years.This is an entire epoch in the fragile female shoulders!During this time pavloposadskie scarves had become popular throughout the world.Now there are several varieties.Each tab on the curl and scarf created by these artists, who manually transferred to the material vintage patterns.To achieve the maximum similarity help them the utmost attention and special literature.So the question of how to wear a scarf pavloposadskie is very important, because it is a work of art.


Currently, designers have come up with many ways to wear these little things:

  • women with regular features, you can tie a scarf most traditional method - knot under the chin.So even our grandmothers did.
  • winter it is perfectly combined with a down jacket, coat, coats, coats and other outerwear.It is usually worn on the head and straighten the ends around the neck and shoulders like a scarf.
  • is possible to tie a bandana headscarves.Pavloposadskie masters make them not very large for this purpose.
  • very important to wear them on the neck.You can wrap it around the folded triangle so that the right angle freely hung in front, and the other two, wrapped, tie on top of it, straightening the fringe.Such a method is perfectly suited to the cloaks, coats and leather jackets.
  • They can be fastened in the manner of the Pioneer tie ends are decorated with a brooch.Pavlovo shawls should not look pretentious, they must be in harmony with the clothes.
  • more can throw on the shoulders like a shawl.Then you make them the focus and emphasize the exquisite impeccable taste.
  • Some wear them as belts.How to tie a scarf pavloposadskie in this case?It's simple: it is folded triangle, wrap them hips and tie a simple knot on the side.
  • summer they can be worn as a top, a poncho with turtleneck and jeans, and even as a pareo.
  • Some craftsmen even make one bag.

How to wear a scarf pavloposadskie leather jacket?

scarf tied around his neck, choose a suitable color.To do this, try to choose a little better with tassels.With a black jacket will look good red or burgundy with brown - white with bright ornaments.Shawls pastel colors are perfect for dairy or beige leather.

main thing is that you do not mind experimenting.It is very fashionable and stylish accessory, which is able to inject something fresh in the most boring way.