How to tie a kerchief on her head in the summer?

scarf - is a versatile article of clothing woman.It can be used as an ornament for the neck and head.There are many options for its wear, which can be divided into seasons.Is the most popular is the hottest time when the scarf also serves as decoration and means from overheating, and it is in this season there is a question: "How to tie a scarf?"Photos of several options presented in this article.In it, we tell you about the most interesting and beautiful way to wear this accessory.

How to tie a kerchief on her head in the summer?

Let's start with the most popular choices.

  • scarf bandana-.We put the accessory on her head, pre-folded it diagonally so that a triangle and fix its ends under the hair, which can be either dissolved or in a bun, braid, knot, the normal node.
  • Shawl Hollywood-style .Depending on the magnitude of this embodiment the web can be divided by two.The first - a fully veiled hair, the second - with a partially released hair.Handkerchief folded in diagonal and cover him down.Two of his front end must be located in the region of the shoulders.We criss-crossing them with each other and the factory back to the neck.Then fix the ends of a scarf in a knot.It can be done on the side or rear, according to your wishes.

And how to tie scarves on their heads in the summer may be more than these ways of running?

Extravagant versions

  • displace striped scarf and put on his shoulders.His end of the wire into the buckle, hairpin or brooch.Further, the resulting loop to put on the hair so that it was near the forehead.The ends of the tightening, thereby fixing the scarf on her head and slid under her hair, where tying them in a knot.A variation of this embodiment can be strip, tied at the top, on the top or the side, near the temple.
  • If you are wondering how to tie scarves on their heads in the summer and variety of images, you will probably enjoy this method.It can be called "Gypsy."Handkerchief folded diagonally into a triangle, the widest part of which falls on the head so as to cover the forehead.The ends should be tied in a bow (if the length) or a nodule near the temple on either side.This kind of wearing a scarf perfectly protect you from the hot sun.
  • To emphasize the amount of hair, you can use this method.Striped Scarf add up (its width is determined by yourself) which will be used as bandages.We put the folded accessory on your head, so that it is slightly covered his forehead, and his end of the line down under the hair, which fix their unit.

more ways

How to tie a kerchief on her head in the summer?In addition to these methods, here are two more.

  • summer accessory Fold diagonally and widest part of a triangle close forehead.The ends of the handkerchief to fix the rear with the help of a nodule or brooches, hiding the end of the third.Skip tissue under the hair is not necessary.
  • also stole or scarf can be used in weaving.Fold it into a strip and put on his head as a bandage.The ends of the hair with a headscarf translate to the side and weave braid using them.

Here are ways you can wear headscarves.Summer 2013 re-popularized the accessory.So now back in fashion scarves.