Evolution of the Biosphere

Biosphere - this is not a static, unchanging object.On the contrary, over the years it has evolved.Living organisms are one of the fundamental factors of development.Since its introduction, they have changed the composition of the biosphere, expanded its borders.Because of their continuous activity on the planet there were various minerals and rocks, incessantly varied terrain, and completely transform the atmosphere of the Earth.

Consider the stages of evolution of the biosphere:

- the emergence of the primary biosphere (approximately 4,6-3,5 billion years ago);

- biocenosis complication (3.5 billion years ago);

- noosphere - the result of the formation of the human race.

Since the advent of the human evolution of the biosphere start to flow mainly influenced by him.Only a few centuries, the rapid development of science, industry and technology contributed to a significant acceleration of migration of atoms.People have created thousands of new varieties and breeds, destroyed many species of plants and animals, extracted from the bark of the globe a huge amount of minerals.Mankind is certainly insignificant in their biomass, but the evolution of the biosphere was the result of factors management immeasurable energy.

People usually unwise to use at their disposal natural resources.Some ancient states have disappeared because of the reckless attitude toward nature.Due to deforestation, soil dries up, which affects the local and global climate.

In today's environment is also polluted by industrial enterprises.Factories and plants are often discharged waste water without proper treatment, thus polluting the water bodies with toxins.Hydroelectric power plants prevent the standard migration of river fish.In connection with the emergence of new urban area decreased by meadows and forests that support the oxygen concentration at the desired level for life.Careless disposal of nuclear energy has led to contamination of natural radiation that causes cancer.

evolution of the biosphere depends on the increase in population of the planet ordered last (to date, it is already home to seven billion. People).In the near future it is possible worsening food problems, so now conducted various studies on the development of new species of plants and breeds of animals, which, of course, affect the environment.

Today, there is a need in the rational use of natural resources.We need the protection of the atmosphere, soil, water and wildlife.In this regard, many countries have already adopted a number of laws on environmental protection.Designed t. N."Red Book" - annotated lists of rare and endangered species of fungi, plants and animals.There ecological communities involved in conservation.The most popular among them is the "Greenpeace".

significant role in the protection of the environment and nature reserves play.Their territory is prohibited unauthorized access is prohibited and any economic activity.Today in Russia alone there are about a hundred sanctuaries.

evolution of the biosphere involves serious climate change in her.For example, a chemical "freon", emitted into the atmosphere, leading to the depletion of the ozone layer.Currently, over Antarctica and a few neighboring regions, there are always areas where a gas layer is either very thin or non-existent.

evolution of the Earth's biosphere is also dependent on a certain amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of our planet.

Emission into the atmosphere particulate and acid gases causing the greenhouse effect, resulting in constantly increasing the air temperature.Its increase of only a couple of degrees can cause flooding ocean coasts, including the densely populated regions of Eastern and Western Europe, South America, the Indian subcontinent.

From the above it can be concluded that global climate change caused by human activities - is today's "global headache."