Blue Whale

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In the world there are many wonderful and truly amazing animals.They can be safely attributed and blue whale (also called blue).About him many legends.Yes, it really is very unusual.

What kind of animal

Keith - mammals, but mammals unique, different from the others.Scientists have proven that their ancestors long ago were terrestrial life.By the way, they had fur, tail and paws.Today it is hard to believe, but the fact remains.Recent studies have shown that the closest relative of the blue whale (and any other whale in general) are even-toed ungulates.

blue whale is just incredible size.In them, he is superior to anyone in the world.Yes, it really is the biggest whale in the world.More has no living creature.The blue whale reaches a length of thirty-three meters (maximum).Weight as it may be one hundred and fifty tons.

blue whale's body is elongated.All of it is covered with smooth skin that is very smooth.Wool virtually none.Color - gray blue.There are dark spots.They are the reason that the blue whale afar seems marbled.Note that the animal appears blue only when it is viewed through water.

majestic blue whale and unhurried.His heart is reduced to twenty times per minute.Speed ​​whale can develop rather big - up to forty-eight kilometers per hour.

oval portion - about 27 percent of the entire body.The weight of the heart - up to eight tons, the amount of light can reach three thousand liters of blood is it about eight tons.The fountain that creates the blue whale, the air discharge can be up to ten meters in height.Due to the large size, blue whales are not kept in aquariums.

themselves, these whales live in oceans.The cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere - the birthplace of the largest individuals.Note that the warmer the water, the less the size of living in her blue whales.Water in Sri Lanka - is one of the most suitable places for observing blue whales.Every year in these areas thousands of tourists come just to look at the largest animals of the world.

summer blue whale lives in cold waters, but moved closer to winter where warmer.He does this in order to save the lives of their young, the subcutaneous layer which has not yet formed and became capable of protecting them from the extreme cold.

female blue whale gives birth to two times a year.Pregnancy is intrauterine.The fruit ripens during the first eleven months.Kid in length up to six to nine meters and can weigh up to three tons.Twins are born in one case out of a hundred.

cub becomes capable of independent movement from the first seconds of life.Breast milk a mother produces during the next seven months.Shorthead per day can drink up to forty liters of milk.

For seven months the cub grows up considerably - its length will reach approximately sixteen meters.The transition to adult meals will be implemented gradually.Food blue whale - plankton.Tracked it using special antennae that are located on the upper jaw teeth in its accustomed place.Sexual maturity occurs at age fifteen.To live as a blue whale can up to the age of ninety.

These animals are monogamous.The male is directly involved in caring for the young and protects them from the dangers of all possible ways.

Blue whales live in large clusters only in those places where a lot of food.Their number may reach sixty individuals.Communication takes place by means of specific sound waves.Listen to each other they may be with an incredibly long distance.