Getting rid of mice in your apartment?

If the apartment bred a mouse, you will know about it very soon.However, it is better to notice the appearance of rodents from the beginning, as long as they have not had time to multiply and cause more harm.

What signs indicate that it's time to look for a way to get rid of mice in your apartment?

  • shiny dark droppings, which after a few days becomes a gray tint, becomes hard and dry;
  • the premises there is a smell of mustiness;
  • in the walls and the floor there are small holes "chew" edges, not far away - shredded paper;
  • night heard someone scratching something or nibbles.

As soon as you notice these symptoms, you should immediately look for ways to get rid of mice in the apartment.

Will the cat?

Traditionally, people have high expectations of their furry pets - cats.You may be surprised, but not all of them are the Mouser.In addition, adult animal, found himself in unfamiliar territory, may not show any desire to hunt.Little kitten also need a long time to grow up and learn how to fight the rodents.Therefore, this option is no longer immediately.

Mousetrap Mousetrap - known to man since ancient times, and quite effective method to get rid of mice in the apartment.However, it can not be called pleasant.The most popular traps are those that are made from a special platform and springs.The tricks used most often smelly cheese.However, even this method has several disadvantages.Firstly, the mouse is not always, in a trap ugorazdilo dies.If she just pinched tail or foot, it will begin to twitch in a panic, and may start to frantically rush around the house mousetrap.Plus, the silly mice clearly can not be called, but because there is a risk that the trap they get round.


If you are looking to get rid of mice in an apartment with glue, then you should know that compared to previous methods, this is more reliable.A great advantage of such traps is that it does not kill animals.For the majority of them included a special instruction, which describes how to release the mouse.However, it is quite difficult to do, so the best way out - to kill the animal.Anyway, it is much more humane than to throw away half-dead animal in the garbage chute where he died anyway.However, the death of his second case will be much more painful.It is best to drown the mice in special reservoirs (not in wells and rivers where people bathe!).In this animal should be wrapped in a cloth, otherwise it may bite you.


last and the best way to get rid of mice in the house - to use the poison.The main thing - carefully placed bait, so that toxic substances can not get into the food to your pets or children.Another shortcoming of using poison - that the rodent dies on the spot, and therefore from time to time in your home there will be a smell of putrefaction and decomposition.Keep it will be up to a week, until the body decomposes animal entirely.


Another folk remedy - ash.It is necessary to sprinkle the floor.Because the animals often lick their paws, feeling of constant discomfort will force them to retreat from your home.This is a very humane way, as ash from mice and rats die.


deterrent mice - a convenient and practical way to deal with rodents, which does not affect the life of your family.This - a device which emits ultrasound, can not hear the person's ear.Deterrent rats and mice is not too expensive, but the pests leave your home quickly and is unlikely to ever want to return.