Stones on the Zodiac: Fish and its charms

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Gems, mysterious and fascinating poblёskivayuschie before you store a lot of exciting mysteries and interesting stories.Occasionally they share them with others who can be sensitive.Moreover, the gems may adopt the traits of their owners and even transfer them to your own.And if the stone is chosen correctly, it can become his master wonderful talisman, mascot, change his fate for the better.However, the coin has another side.When the wrong choice of life will rapidly roll the worst.Because, perhaps, try to study esoteric properties of precious minerals.

secret helpers Pisces

What stones zodiac sign fish can be considered his?First of all minerals such as aquamarine, moonstone, jet, coral, beryl.Let us dwell on some of them.

Aquamarine - varieties of beryl, transparent stone, the color close to the sea water.It may be green, blue and even dark blue.It is especially beautiful in the evening, candlelight, happy masters used in jewelry.Aquamarine - the most suitable rocks on the sign of the zodiac, fish should get them first.After all, ever since the ancient Greeks and Romans on these minerals portrayed rulers of marine elements - newts and Neptune.And the sailors, these eternal travelers stormy waves, felt the stone its mascot.Because he is so fit and Pisces - the signs, born under the element of water.It has long been credited with minerals and other properties.He helped to maintain and strengthen friendly relations, gave courage timid souls who supported those who fought against injustice.Aquamarine - excellent biostimulants normalizing composure.For medicinal properties were highly prized in the East these stones.According to the sign of the zodiac fish - often weak-willed person, prone to mood swings.And aquamarine give it as lacking prudence, peace of mind.He also improve the immune system, help to cope with a toothache, to support the liver and stomach.

Gagate - not less valuable mineral.It has an organic origin, like amber or pearls.For the uninitiated would be the discovery of the fact that the jet - a cornerstone.Zodiac sign fish is with them in the power of communication.After all, people born under this constellation, are often no less mysterious than the "queen of the night", "black jade" is more often referred to this stone.Since ancient times were made of jet amulets that are believed to scare away people and homes from evil spirits, demons.That is why the question of what is considered to be a stone in fish cleansing, astrologers respond unequivocally: jet.It allows its owner to understand the kind of karma, past lives to understand, it takes away the pain, clears the mind and takes on the dark energy evil eye, conspiracy, if someone decided to put a man on the damage.

And, of course, if a person - Fish on a horoscope, a stone may be more appropriate to the water element, than coral?God Himself, as they say, told them to connect.From ancient times these minerals produced beads, pendants, beads, earrings, rings, etc."Jewels of the sea" - the second name of corals, fully justified.They improve vision and memory, support the immune system, strengthen the central and autonomic nervous systems.With under a piece of coral or jewelery from it, Pisces will always feel yourself perfectly.

Here they are, wonderful gems!