Talonner - fashionable and safe

ladies-motorists is well known: footwear suffers most when driving.The back of the shoes or boots from the constant pressing on the pedal and the contact with the machine spoiled, erased.Sometimes it may even break a heel.

Not to mention the fact that the shoes on his heels, with a free heel or too smooth soles can cause a false move his feet on the pedals, putting you at risk to have an accident.

Many women carry with them the right shoes and change shoes at the time of driving.However, in today's world of high speeds, not everyone has the opportunity to spend time on it.

To resolve this issue, recently designers invented a new accessory for avtolyubitelnits: talonner (from the French. Ā«TalonniereĀ», in translation: the heel, the lower part of the heel).

Talonner - is neatly stitched wide harness, which is attached to the foot by means of Velcro.Special cut right conical shape facilitates a tight fit talonnera shoe, protecting the surface from abrasion while driving.

Such protection is especially useful for the top of the heel and the heel of the shoe itself.

summer, when most of the women wear shoes with open heel, talonner can become a defender of your feet.

main thing - to choose a pleasant tactile sensations on the fabric.

One major advantage talonnera - it is easy to use.In fact, to put on or take off this cute accessory quite seconds!

Although the first collection talonnerov intended only for shoes with thin heels, new models for flat soles and shoes with wide massive heel to hit the market in the near future.

specific care talonner requires, everything is quite simple: if the fabric is soaked, it should be dry.If we take a slovenly appearance - wash or buy a new talonner.

talonnerov Already the first batch was made in several varieties and colors fabrics: velvet, denim and leather.

Talonner - is not only a useful and easy-to-use accessory.There are plans to release a collection of fashionable talonnerov.

Soon women will be able to choose the color of talonnery shoes, coats, gloves or car.

But fans of high fashion can order exclusive designer talonnery.Then this fashionable and useful accessory will become an integral part of your image that you want to leave in the car.

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