What is the name of Michael for those who are close to him?

name Michael, whose value in the treatment of the Hebrew means "godlike" (from Mikaeel) carries its owner the opportunity to enjoy a whole range of positive qualities.It is believed that Misha has a balanced, calm character.However, under the weight of external equanimity concealed vitality and emotion.Perhaps the latter stipulates that Michaels did not like secluded life, eager to communicate, but do not like to put pressure on them, and are difficult to influence from the outside.

They picked up their friends, peers and the education of the mind, but subconsciously seek to subordinate them to his will.And they have to do everything possible, asanalytical mind, intelligence, tend to give them a certain superiority.Experts recommend not to succumb to pressure from Michael, because"Put in place", they can be sweetest people.Do you want to name the baby Michael?Name the value of which still has a hint of divinity can transform your child in the future despot if your child feels "slack".And most interesting is that this role he likes.

What is the name of Michael for those who live next to him?In most cases, loved ones will feel the constant care of themselves.He is the initiator of reconciliation if there will be any quarrel or misunderstanding.His children will receive generous gifts, and friends will be glad to visit his dacha, where all together necessarily sit on the nature and barbecue in the company of friendly host.Very often in the house Michael has several pets, or at least the cat.

woman who will be next to a man soon realizes that Michael is the name that carries a predisposition to preserve the marriage.The husband of the same name will pamper his wife, in some cases, even to worship, especially in youth.He will defend his girlfriend, to give her shelter in his mature years, and is unlikely to change, or divorce, becausemarriage and high morality for Michael - is sacred.Ladies think of men with the same name a good lover becausethey have developed sensuality.Michaels will be happy with a woman having good character and do not cause them to jealousy deliberately.

What is the name of Michael for those who work under the supervision of such a person?Submission in this case will have to put up with high standards, impeccable logic and commitment to excellence in everything from his boss.SinceMichaels is not prone to diplomacy but love the discipline, the lazy and the "delicate nature" in their collective, is not likely to find a place.However, the company under their leadership are often successful in commerce, music or medicine, so active and diligent employees will not remain in the loser.

What is the name of Michael for its owner?It gives a very decent health from birth.Maybe because the name is "tied" to the zodiac sign of Virgo.In addition, these people inherent in overly harsh view of the world, thanks to the totem sign of the name - the tiger.Michael recommended to learn how to put yourself in someone else's place, to listen to their feelings, sometimes to temper its activity and pride.