Shopping In Windows - this is not the trash, and lifebuoy

accidentally deleted files - often inaccurate computer user.Press the "delete" instead of "copy", missing the mouse, click on a nearby object or delete the entire folder in which the file will be in addition to the old and necessary - it's that simple.It is much harder to recover lost information.However, even inexperienced users know that shopping cart In Windows - this is the easiest way to recover lost digital data by negligence.What is this a useful tool?

Where deleted files

When a hard drive, flash drive or other media data is recorded, they take their allotted place computer and do not disappear as long as they are not on top of other information will be recorded.Delete the file, we do not destroy it.Just the place that it occupies, the computer is now considered free and can be used to record other data.

Thus, the deleted files can sometimes be recovered.But even after the recently deleted file recovery may be damaged - in the event that it is partially or overwritten can not be restored if it is a place completely occupied by new data.Therefore accidental deletion of data - a big problem for both casual users and administrators of computer systems of organizations.

comes to the rescue basket

Developers at Microsoft have found quite a neat solution to this problem: instead of removing move files in a special folder called the Recycle bin (in Russian translation - cart).In Windows, it's just hidden folder, located in the root of each disk.

To recover deleted documents in a basket, we do not even need to look for the appropriate folder - instead it is better to use a tool of the same name on the desktop.Clicking on the icon with the image of the trash can, we gain access to remote files on all disks at once.In the Explorer window, you can sort files by date, or delete the original folder, to destroy, but the main thing - to restore.Recovery is made in the folder from which data was deleted.

basket and free disk space

fact that the command "delete" files only move to the basket, good only as long as the hard disk space is available.But when space becomes low, the time comes to permanently delete data.

To avoid too rapid filling of the hard disk, the user can set the maximum size that will occupy the basket.In Windows, the default value of 5-10 per cent of the size of each section.When the basket is full, completely out of it will be deleted those files that have been placed in it before others.

To free up space on your hard drive, you can manually remove unnecessary files from the Recycle Bin.You can also empty the Trash completely from the context menu that appears on the desktop when you right-click on its shortcut.But without looking at removing all the files, there is a risk of losing the desired data, and because the basket is in Windows and should be prevented.

Permanently delete files, bypassing cart

If you have very little space on a disk or you're very sure of yourself, you can completely disable the basket.To do this in the context menu icon on the desktop, go into its properties, identify the parts for which want to permanently delete the files, and then select the item "Wipe files immediately after removal, without placing them in the shopping cart."The consequences can be very sad, so strongly warn you against it.Especially that there is a way to destroy individual files so that was not involved cart.They can remove Windows when you press Shift + Delete.

In addition, it should be remembered that the basket is not created, and files are always permanently deleted from removable media, such as flash drives.In addition, permanently deleted files, their size exceeds the maximum size reserved for the basket in this section.

Cart Windows 7: the secrets of fine-tuning

basket Most settings can be accessed via the shortcut menu on the desktop.

So, choose the menu item "Properties" dialog box, which lists all the sections in the system.For each of them you can choose the maximum size of the deleted files to be stored in a basket, or completely abandon its use.

If you remove the tick in the box "Ask for confirmation to delete," then cease to appear familiar warning, "Do you really want to delete the file?".By clicking "Delete" button or press "Delete" files will be immediately placed in the cart or permanently removed, if the latter is disabled.This setting applies to all sections.

How to hide and how to restore the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop

Some users want to see on the desktop had no labels.In Windows 7, to remove the shopping cart from the desktop will not be difficult.Just click on the table, right-click in the list that appears, select "Personalization" and then "Change desktop icons".There is enough to remove the check mark next to those items, shortcuts to which you do not want to see.In addition, you can change the icon by selecting one of the standard or your own.

Please note that removing the icon does not affect the functioning of the basket.Deleted files are still stored there.Access to remote files can be accessed by logging on to the desktop via Windows Explorer.

If you delete the icon as described above, and you know how to restore the basket of Windows 7 - it is enough to re-establish earlier removed a tick.Worse if the disappearance of the label associated with the actions of the virus or careless editing of the registry.Then, the above method may not help.

experienced users with administrative rights can be encouraged to use the registry editor or Group Policy Editor.For those who do not have administrative privileges or fears his actions cause even more damage to the system, it can be recommended to restore the system: the action is usually very safe and effective.