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Russian national currency, the ruble - is one of the few currencies in the world, which for a long period of time had its unique graphic image.Traditionally, most of the people as a symbol of the ruble used a simple letter "P" with a dot at the end of the summary, the perception of the latter.In 2013, the National Bank of the Russian Federation made a decision in the period from November 5 to December 5, to hold an open debate and a vote on the site controller to determine the graphic symbol for the national currency.According to a survey it introduced a new designation of the ruble, but it is slightly lower.

As the vote took place?

active participation in the discussion of important public issue took 280 thousand people.More than half of surveyed not only cast their vote for one of the options, but settled in the form of detailed comments his choice.Estimates of the votes and their comments were carefully considered and analyzed by experts of the central bank.It is on this basis makes the final decision.The procedure under which the graphic symbol of the ruble was approved, was one of the objectives of Russia, in particular the Central Bank of the country, which is defined at the legislative level.

Statistics voting

selected character in the form of the Cyrillic letter "P", which is crossed in the lower part, has become a favorite for which have voted 61% of the participants.For the second version of the image have voted 19% of respondents.The remaining characters are scored 5.5%, 4.5% and 1.9%.Among surveyed were those (8%) who expressed their disapproval of each of the options presented.The participants of the popular vote became citizens of many different age groups and social strata.The greatest activity was seen for the citizens of the country, whose age ranged from 25 to 34 years.

Most express their opinions (72%) - are men.Another interesting fact is that the designation of the ruble have decided to choose the citizens (86.5%) who have incomplete higher education.The first 100 thousand participants expressed a preference for one of the options on the first day of open voting.

Options for possible graphic

first interest in the choice of symbols for the national currency was recorded in 1998.At the time it was sent to the order of 100 options that came from 6 different countries.Then had the advantage of real-life character.Mention of it is found in the historian Ivan Sinchuk and dates from the 17th century.Obsolete designation of the ruble has been presented in the form of the letters "R" and "U", which were written in cursive.The first letter of the symbol has been deployed at 90 degrees.Most of the proposals was limited to modifications of the letter "P".As an alternative, there have been proposals in the form of the letter "b".This symbol appeared in the role not only of ancient sign of "ER", and was a kind of a hint that the Russian currency can be attributed to the list of hard currencies in the world.

introduction of the mark in turnover

designation of the ruble in the format of a graphic symbol was seen back in the 90's, but to implement the idea at the time and failed.The urgency of the issue in 2006 was due to the fact that in the global economy, many currencies of the world have become more significant, which was a prerequisite for the introduction of their designations.Of particular interest was the government at the national identification mark of the ruble during the emergence of the European currency in circulation.In 2006, at a time when a law was passed on the Central Bank, the introduction of the image of the national currency has become a very specific and important issue.The actual use of the mark of the selected residents of the country saw in 2014.He appeared at the new minted by the Mint of cash denominated in units of 1 ruble.This sign is planned to be used in the packaging of banknotes and in the future be used as a protective sign on banknotes and in other formats.

International designation ruble

international graphic representation of the Russian currency, as mentioned above, is now presented in the format of the Cyrillic letter "P", which crossed at the bottom.This format represents the symbol of the stability of the monetary unit.Elvira Nabiullina, who served as chairman of the Central Bank of Russia, officially curled that symbol will now proudly present the ruble on the international market, particularly when displaying quotations and the actual value of currencies around the world.Work on the character was carried out for 6 years, a special working group with the adoption of the Law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which entered into force on 1 July 2007.Now the Russian currency can stand on the same level with other world currencies and compete with them on an equal footing in all branches of the global financial market.

new symbols on the new coins

updated designation of the Russian ruble can be seen today on the new coins that were minted circulation of 100 million.They came into circulation in the June 17, 2014 and have a face value of 1 ruble.According to information provided by the press service of Russia, the coin has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 20.5 millimeters.The reverse side of the coin is decorated with graphic symbol of the currency and supplemented by the word "ruble".There is a stylized plant ornament in the form of flavored smoothly curved branches intertwined stems.

Collectible Silver

New Russian currency symbols can be seen on the new collector coins denominated in 3 BR.The coin is made of silver and has a diameter of 39 millimeters.The concentration of semi-precious metal is 31.1 grams in a single monetary unit.Fineness - 925. The quality of the product corresponds to the category of "proof".Circulation is 500 pieces.Products conforming to the quality of "uncirculated" vypushena of 1000 pieces.It is planned to release a similar coin, but from the base metal and the nominal value of 1 ruble.According to preliminary estimates, will be the circulation of 100 million currency units.In the future, it will be used an alloy of nickel-plated.From coins in circulation, commemorative banknotes of different design back side.Tails is decorated with embossed picture Graphic sign of the ruble in the format of "R", but with the crossed leg.

Two countries, two stories, two different graphics ruble

In 2005, after a decade of the monetary unit of the country, was approved by the designation of the Belarusian ruble National Bank of state.Despite the similarities between the names of Russian and Belarusian currency, their symbolism is fundamentally different.Thus, according to official reports NBRB sign of Belarusian currency is a combination of two Latin letters «Br».The idea of ​​creating the character was based on the desire of the government to make a monetary unit of the country's original, catchy and recognizable at a glance.Its use was not to cause difficulties in the computer typing and writing characters by hand, which, in principle, been achieved.After the formal establishment of the Belarusian ruble mark for the Government it is strongly recommended to use active non-bank financial institutions, as well as in the production, placement and dissemination of advertising materials, goods, services and works.As in Russia, the choice of symbols was held by popular vote, in the format of the competition, in which participants offered their own versions of the mark.The three leaders, whose proposals were awarded the tender committee, encouraged financially in the amount of 1,275,000 Belarusian rubles.The competition was attended by only 5 characters of 5000 received options.