History of programming languages: short of everything

Programming - time-consuming and difficult process to comprehend that the strength is not for everyone.Machine language consists of a set of algorithms and computer codes.And today's computers are so perfect hardware because programmed.And it would not have been so successful history of development of the software if it had not been invented a special language for machines that carry symbolic keywords into machine code.Let us see how evolved history of programming languages.

autocode first appeared in 1955, the efforts of the developers of IBM under the direction of John Backus.It was a high-level language called Fortran, not a set of disparate simple commands, and the organization of larger codes, which were called operators or algorithmic language.For their transfer to the machine were invented autocode compilers, which convert the algorithms and make it understandable to electronic computer.This happens in two ways: a compilation and interpretive.Due to the simplicity of the Fortran version quickly entered into use, and the last of them and today is one of the most popular computer programming languages.

However, this is not the only autocode for cars.History of programming languages ​​continue to create algorithms Algol, which are used mainly in the scientific environment and are composed of a large number of new concepts.Event occurs in 1960.A little later, inquisitive employees at IBM invented language Cobol, designed for the use in the business environment and is used for processing complex and the volume of information of an economic nature.

history of programming languages ​​continues professors in college Dartsmute T. Kurtz and John. Kemeny, who developed the well-known BASIC.It is much easier than Fortran and therefore used in personal computers.He produced the effect of the explosion, becoming a basic set autocode programming and making computers most domain users.

simplicity and dialog communication - these are the main advantages of the BASIC language.The disadvantage is the lack of the restrictions on programming that often confuses them and makes logically incomprehensible.Programs compiled with the help of the BASIC are slow in nature because they are based on are not compilers and interpreters.

Today, scientists continue to work on its improvement and try to bring the Pascal program, which was marked by the further development of the history of programming languages.Its creator, is rightly considered the Zurich Polytechnic University Professor Niklaus Wirth.And the name of his invention, he gave in honor of Pascal, which is the first designer of the very first computer.This is one of the easiest and most available programming languages, allows you to write clear and understandable programs.

history of the development program would be incomplete without the language Ada, named after the first female programmer Ada Lovelace, daughter of the well-known sweat George Byron.It is a more advanced and versatile programming language based on a Pascal.

history of software development has at its disposal many more programming languages ​​that are written for specific applications.For example, in the simulation are used Simula, Simkrit and GPSS.To control the equipment used Forth.System programs are written in C language.Databases created codasil language.For teaching programming comfortable Logo, Robic and algorithmic language APYershov.

history of the development program up to the end is not yet written, and this is unlikely to happen in the near future.