Interesting History of the New Year

New Year - one of the most favorite holidays of the population of the entire globe.Every nation celebrates its own way.And Russian citizens have their own history of New Year celebration like no one of the existing ones.

History of the New Year for the ancient peoples begins in the law of Moses, and timed to coincide with the rebirth of nature.March began a year long ago, for example, the Romans and began to celebrate in the first days of spring as long as the Emperor Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar, starting the countdown of 45 AD, the date of the Nativity.The pagan god Janus was the principal at this celebration.He made sacrifices, and people gave each other expensive gifts.Thus it was established a tradition of making offerings to the memorial day of the New Year, which became mandatory for all peoples of the world.

History of the New Year in Russia was developed in several stages.Initially, the New Year and we celebrated March 1st.It was believed that on this day, leaves and winter begi

ns during sowing.People are going to a feast.They sang songs, played and led the ceremonial dances.Wishing each other abundant harvest.

Another story of the New Year begins in Russia since 1492, when John the Third Resolution of the Moscow Cathedral decided to celebrate the beginning of each year on 1 September.It was also connected with the appointment of a single day gather all existing taxes with rent-paying population.Farmers in this day carried on the royal courtyard full tribute dues and a variety of duties.The festival took place in the Kremlin.The king himself arranged an audience and hosted the boyars and even commoners who came to him to gain truth and justice.

This history of New Year celebration lasted until September 1, 1698.There is evidence that organized a celebration was in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin voivod Shein.And Peter himself first appeared there with his family and congratulated all those present, and gave each of bulked apple.Raises many grace-cups, which were followed by volleys of 25 guns.The king was already dressed in foreign clothes, and was accompanied by his guards in German uniforms.And that was the last New Year, which is celebrated in early fall.The new century began on 1 January in the new style of Christmas.

Emperor Peter the Great realized that the history of the New Year in Russia - is part of the history of the nation.Therefore completely eliminate tradition, he did not.And he explained his innovation that live in Russia many nationalities, who believe that the new year begins January 1, that is, from the day of the Nativity of Christ.And for the unity of the country it is very important that this festival was the Day of Unity of the population.Although opponents of this innovation has been quite a lot, the common people did not resist long.So, the New Year was celebrated, as in Europe, 1 January each year.

Now the story of the New Year has been closely associated with the decoration of fir trees, fun games and ice skating with slides.Peter severely punished for drunken binges and approved innocent fun, personally willing participating in the Christmas carnivals and assemblies.There are new traditions and customs.People come up with amulets for their homes.Girls guessed New Year's Eve, sweep the floor under the table, hoping to find grains of corn.It was a good omen, sulivshaya zanevestivsheysya particularly successful marriage.

Although the story of the New Year will know a lot of these, they are all basically good.People firmly believe that if you get out of a good home, it will bring happiness.On this day, everyone is trying to dress nicely, have some fun from the heart, because there is a belief which promises blessed year to those who meet it well.

Well, all the good and joy!