Plants, insects and animals meadows

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Every time you come to enjoy the meadow, attend the same thoughts and desires.Regardless of age, the desire is always the same - a good run up and take off to look for a magic carpet with colorful bird's eye view.Plenty of room, multicolor, all kinds of unusual odors young grass and pollen, and the birds singing sweet heart of every person, there is cozy and quiet.

Meadow different, but it is not only a valuable storehouse of herbal medicines, it build their houses small and large animals meadows that said this is a great space of its territory.This familiar habitat for them is full of secrets and mysteries.Many of them only have to know the person.

Animals meadows - about thirty different species, and they live quietly, almost imperceptible to humans, but the community of carefully structured and very interesting.Here everyone will find a cozy mink or in the bush very inconspicuous bird's nest.And it might just be a leaf or a log in a small recess where happy family lives of insects.

live here and these insects, which are not all known, for example: gray grasshopper, chuck, striped beetle ordinary, gravedigger funeral, flea earthy, cabbage, swallowtail, meadow moth, scoop-scale bee mohnatonogaya, pchelovidka common and others.

meadows Animals diverse and unique, there coexist many years rodents and amphibians.

Look close, probably one of the first you will notice the moving lizard, it almost is not afraid of us, it was too fast.Can show off and the Frog.She is not so beautiful to take her hands, but she does not know, and we will simply ignore.A night hunter mouse sitting in a hole and waits for the evening triumphant exit.

There grassland animals, which you've probably heard.Here in large numbers inhabit moles that are most that there are real carnivores.They love to feast on the larvae of insects and worms.They are always there settle rodents, because they often use the moves for his industrious mole hunt.Passing through the meadow, you are sure to notice the mounds that resemble volcanoes are small in size.This is the first sign that here settled fodder tunnels, which in turn intersect the deeper intended for recreation.Do not forget that the mole - a true master builder dungeons.

the neighborhood you can find a gopher, or rather his family, because they live in colonies in their own burrows.They have a peculiar habit, at the approach of the enemy to take awesome rack "column" and a loud whistle to scare the enemy.Gophers are daytime animals.They are quite shy and rarely removed from their burrows, feeling a constant threat.Watch them pleasure!They tried to tame, but slavery is alien to them and they do not feel comfortable being under the scrutiny of man.

Plants and animals meadows organically exist together, help each other to survive.Motley grass meadows presents a variety of species such as meadow knapweed, meadow geranium, Adonis and quaking grass, clover, lyadvenets, alfalfa, rank, fire and fescue, and bluegrass anthoxanthum, reed land and many others.

Plants and animals meadows delight its unpredictability and special charm.For example, if you come across a meadow mouse peas, the fragrant aroma of this plant is sure to remind the happy and tranquil childhood and flashed in the grass lizard or mouse forced to recall that nature is not only the giants, but small and defenseless individuals.Interestingly, in murine peas on the roots have special "apartments" for beneficial microbes, they fertilize the soil and nourish the other plants.The combination of beauty and perfect use, and in the nature of things work that way!