Meet the longest snake

man's relation to snakes has never been straightforward.Many of us find them useless and vile creatures, and some, on the contrary, believe that the snake can be useful because of its poison produced many drugs a wide spectrum of action.But no matter how we treat this cold-blooded reptiles, we will still be interesting to know some facts about them.For example, what it is the longest snake in the world, and where she lived.

snake species

Snakes belong to the suborder of reptiles, which are part of the order of scaly, and live in the world, at least not less than 67 million years.The study of this kind is engaged special science serpentologiya, got its name from the Latin name of snakes - Ā«SerpentesĀ».

is now known for more than 3,000 different species of reptiles in this class.They are grouped into 23 families and six subfamilies.Speaking of snakes, it can be noted that only approximately about a quarter of them are toxic.Although virtually all of them are predators and feed on both vertebrates and invertebrates.

nonpoisonous snakes usually swallow their prey alive, although some types of pre-killed her, pressing down to the ground, clutching or grabbing the jaw in the ring.At the same time this kind of poisonous reptiles before eating its prey are killed by injecting poison yadoprovodyaschimi special teeth.

Swallowing their prey whole can not only the longest snake, but its smaller cousins.Swallowing mechanism is as follows: a reptile gradually moving toward swallowing food, alternately moving left and right side of the lower jaw.At the same time, it looks as if it pulls on your prey.

Interesting facts about snakes

Today is considered to be the most interesting question of what kind of snake is the longest.Facts about this are controversial and vary depending on the source.

example, you can find information about that in 2002, the Indonesian peasants were captured, and in 2003, shows a reticulated python, which had a length of 14.85 meters and weighs 447 kilograms.However, no reliable data on it is no other than the photo that the media considered fraudulent.The fact is, in fact, is so controversial that even in the "Guinness Book of Records" for it does not say a word.

As for the "Book of Records", then it specifies the data that is the longest snake was caught in Africa and had a length of 11.43 meters.The snake belonged to the subspecies anacondas and lived in the tropics, the southern part of the African continent.

addition anacondas, the largest reptile reticulated python is considered.The most famous instance of reticulated python was shot in 1912 on the Indonesian island of Celebes.Its length was about ten meters.

Currently, the largest of all snakes representative giant anacondas is located in "the Zoological Society of New York."With a total length of about nine meters of the weight of the anaconda is close to 130 kilograms.

After anacondas and reticulated python third place among the largest snakes takes Tiger, or the Indian python.The length of these creatures can in some cases as high as 7-8 meters.

With regard boa familiar to many, it is only the fourth step in the overall ranking of the largest snakes.Typically, the dimensions do not exceed five meters.

All of these reptiles are non-poisonous snakes.Toxic members of this class have a more modest size.While taking into account their danger, they may be of interest for many.

longest snake venom affects its victim, called King Cobra.It grows throughout his life, which is about thirty years old and can reach a length of more than five meters.Although it is usually the average size ranges between 3 and 4 meters.

Regarding the fossil of this species of reptiles, it shall be deemed authentic discovery in Egypt Giant African python, who lived about 55 million years ago.The length of this ancient creature was 11 meters 80 cm.

to all the above can be added for comparison that the world's smallest snake is called a Brahmin slepun.The largest specimen of this species had a length of 10.8 centimeters.