Forest animals Russia

In contrast to the northern taiga forests of deciduous forests on the territory of Russia the climate is milder.The rich and diverse world of plants forest animals distinguish dense deciduous forests.

on forest animals living here affects fauna of these forests.For example, the capercaillie, an ordinary resident of the northern forests and the taiga, deciduous forests are no longer met, because it feeds needles.But there is grouse.The south is becoming, the more there is of foxes and hares, besides agricultural fields added to them food.Foxes eat mice, voles and hares - winter wheat seedlings.

in deciduous forests, unlike conifers, many more species of shrubs and trees, resulting in the animal world there are rich and diverse wildlife of the northern forests.Most are found in deciduous forests insectivorous and granivorous species of birds.Numerous proteins and wild boars feed on acorns and nuts - their favorite food.

most common wild animals Russia in deciduous forests - a brown bear, marten, lynx, mink, squirrel, black polecat, and weasel.To the south are more common hare, gray partridge and the hamster, which fall from the steppes in the deciduous forests.

Trees and shrubs provide reliable protection against bad weather and enemies in the forest a lot of different natural shelters, diverse and high inventories of plant and animal feeds.Many mammals wild animals are able to climb trees.It dormouse, marten, squirrels, etc.They are characterized by movable limbs with sharp claws on them.Some of these animals, for example, dormice and squirrels, there are special pads on the feet and on foot - extension serving them for durable wrap the branches of trees.

Some of climbing animals able to just climb a tree trunk, the other can be used while driving and thin branches on which to climb from tree to tree, and others during the lasagna make long jumps straight or up.There are also flying squirrels with leather membrane on each side, using them for gliding flight.In the forest you can even find the world of bats - the situation in the forest is very favorable for their lifestyle.

Some forest animals and gather food on the trees and escape from enemies, as well as provide shelter for themselves and for posterity.Such mammals as flying squirrel, squirrel, bat, marten and others use hollow trees for shelter, natural or created by woodpeckers.Even black bear uses for its winter sleep hollow huge trees growing in the Far East.Some animals, such as Sony and proteins themselves build spherical nests in trees or bird use.A variety of birds and animals that can climb trees, caused the emergence of predators that can hunt in trees.The fauna of Russia and include marten and pine marten.

Wild animals also presented a number of the few excavations: among the predators can be called a badger, and the rest - mostly moles, voles and ground Moguer.

live in the forest zone and some ungulates: northern, spotted and red deer, roe deer, elk, wild boar and bison.Wild ungulates are much heavier and slower than the desert steppe.In the forest ungulate herd developed much worse.Basically they go alone, in pairs and in small herds.Only in the winter they gather in larger herds due to limited suitable for wintering places and because of difficulties in traveling in deep snow.

Pets forest zone feed vegetative parts of shrubs and trees, especially their seeds and fruits, which are high-calorie food, the second such does not exist in any other landscapes are excluding crops.