Nature and animals of Africa

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Africa - amazing continent stretched hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the northern to the southern suburbs.Most scientists consider it the cradle of mankind.The oldest human remains have been found there.The fauna of Africa is extremely varied.It is not surprising, because the continent are located almost all the climatic zones of the earth, with the exception of the arctic desert, tundra and taiga.It is found on this continent, and high-altitude zone.Animals of Africa, despite the fact that the ecology of many areas deteriorate due to the effects of human activities and global warming can still be found in large quantities.Many countries equip reserves and national parks, or proclaim the protection of certain species of animals to save them from total destruction.

Consider the amazing and rich world of vast and different this continent called Africa.Animals live in the equatorial jungle.This rainforest is often swamped with mangroves.Due to the hot climate and rainfall, the trees here reach a considerable height, and the forest closes his crown in one big green roof.

Rainforest can be compared to the multi-storey building, each floor has its inhabitants.On the upper floors of live poultry.Middle tier chosen monkeys - from the orangutan, chimpanzees and gorillas to monkeys.Tree branches are also home to large carnivores of the cat family - leopards and panthers, and many snakes.In the lower tier of small cloven-hoofed live - wild boars, warthogs.The Congo Basin is found okapi - one of the most interesting animals of the African jungle, like a cross between a zebra with a horse, but in fact it is a separate species.These animals are extremely cleanly long tongue - so long that the okapi easily licking his ear.

the north and south equatorial forests surrounding savannah.This is the largest climatic zone occupies almost half of the Black Continent.In savannas trees grow alone, and all the space occupied by grass.These herbal seas drift steadily herd animals.Giraffes because of its long neck can reach up to high tree branches.In addition to the long-necked animal planet live in savannas and the largest land from Africa and around the world - elephants.African elephant reaches a growth of about 4 meters and weighs more than 7 tons.This is an extremely intelligent animals that live in small herds in which females dominate.

World savannah inhabited by a large number of different types of antelope, grazing animals, small and large predators.There are only two seasons - dry and wet periods.Huge herds of gazelles, antelopes and zebras several thousand heads migrate in search of green grass, followed by the nomadic hunting and predators.Wild animals in Africa, considered "kings of beasts" - this is the lions.They live in large families - Pride.And the fastest animal on the planet, too, lives in this continent: it is a cheetah.It can reach a speed of 92 km per hour!

Desert, despite the "lunar landscape" quite populated.Animals of Africa in the areas of deserts and semi-deserts in the course of evolution have adapted to the hot climate and anhydrous.Many species are crepuscular and nocturnal.At the smallest planet chanterelles huge ears, which protect the animal from overheating.A camel and Oryx may sablerogy long drink, drawing a meager moisture from the plants that feed.

extreme north and south of the continent is the subtropics.African Animals in this climatic zone resemble European counterparts.In the foothills of the Atlas (north of the continent) are found monkeys, and in the forest-steppe zone inhabited by dog-monkey - baboon.