Animals of South America

South America is the fourth largest continent of the planet Earth.Among the huge number of wonderful and amazing places on the globe, South America for its beauty has a place.Its nature is something fascinating, unique and unrepeatable.Animals of South America are striking and varied, like herself.

This continent could be called the land of contradictions.Tierra del Fuego divided Chile and Argentina, is in the storm and the cold Atlantic Ocean and the hot and dusty Pampa lie across Argentina and Uruguay.To the west lie the cool valleys and towering Andes formidable.In the fertile valleys of coffee growing and Chilean Atacama Desert - the driest place on the planet.The Amazon is covered by impenetrable thickets of the jungle.

Until the end of unexplored wildlife in South America - it's amazing inhabitants of woodlands and savannah animals inimitable rainforest and the Andes.Do not be amiss to mention that the Andes - the longest mountain on the planet.They extend to the 9 th. Km, which is very interesting, it takes six climatic zones.This can not but affect the animals living in this mountain range.

If we talk about the continent such as South America, the animals are represented in more than 600 species of mammals and amphibians (over 900 species).There is also home to about 1,700 species of birds.For mammals is not typical accommodation with large concentrations.This is due to the thick vegetation of natural plants.

Animals of South America, such as the unusual, like a bird in the region.It is home to many different species of parrots, numerous species of hummingbirds.Condor dwelt before in this area, decorated with the coat of arms of Colombia.Today it is found in only two areas in the region and is considered an endangered species.

Fauna of South America suffered greatly at the hands of man.Andean condor, a huge proud bird with a wingspan of 3.5 meters - one of the longest of the world of birds and can live up to 50 years of age.In connection with the reduction of the population, it is listed in the Red Book, and some countries have adopted programs to increase the numbers of this rare bird.

Animals living on this continent, so unique that do not cease to attract the attention of zoologists.For example, in the area of ​​the Titicaca islands inhabited by the world's only flightless telmatobius culeus and great crested grebe.It is also the only representative is also a deer Pudu.Its growth barely reached 40 cm, and weighs only 10 kg.In cold weather it comes to human settlements, where his dog bite to death mercilessly.It is also listed in the Red Book.

Animals of South America representing more endemic families of predators, rodents and herbivores.No less interesting are New World monkeys, which are the habitat of tropical forests.They are divided into two families - and tsebidy callitrichidae.It also found a large number of monkeys Paukova that because of its structure can live on tree branches.

Edentates presented detachment sloths.These slow-moving animals are kept hanging on the trees.It's rare to see a sloth on the ground.Excellent climb trees and some species of anteaters.

Animals of South America - this is the cat family: jaguars, ocelots, small jaguarundi.Lives are also prey bush dog, which is poorly understood.

Animals that prey on trees - it kinkajou and nosuh.

few types of prey living in impassable forests - a tapir, stunted spitserogie deer, pigs, peccaries.

Representatives of rodents living in these areas are also unique.You will not find anywhere else capybara, a large rodent representative, koendu - Brazilian Porcupine and agouti, inflicting significant damage to tropical crops.

Opossums opossum and reside in the rain forests of South America.There's also live large flock of bats, some members of which feed on the blood of warm-blooded.