Epiphany water: a miracle, accessible to everyone

Baptism without a doubt one of the greatest Christian holidays.It is a day that fills the hearts of the people and belief in light of the best.But the most important - is that it is at this time, anyone is able to touch the unexplored energy.And one of the wonders of the Epiphany is considered to be Epiphany water.This gift of nature and of God enveloped many mysteries and legends.Most ordinary people do not fully understand what exactly the properties of Epiphany water, how to use it and how to store.On all of these questions is to know the answer.After all, ordinary knowledge of the miracle does not bring you closer to getting the long-awaited grace.It is important to understand why we are given such a unique opportunity.

Epiphany water: the science of using natural forces

Great Blessing of Water takes 18 and 19 January in all, even the smallest, Christian chapels in the world.The faithful come to the church and to the sources, in the hope to heal the body and purify the soul.However, few know rules ensuring cherished liberation from earthly sin and disease.

main condition for getting the most out of the blessing at the appointed time is the presence of not just while covering the water, and finding itself at the service, which preceded it.The fact is that the coveted healing is given only at the time of reading the prayer.After all, this rite serves as a powerful conduit between the human world and God.

condescension of grace can experience a dip in the Jordan.Contrary to popular belief, Jordan - this is not a particular body of water.So is any lake, river or other natural water reservoir, on which was read a special prayer of consecration.Epiphany water will bring a sense of calm and warmth to anyone who touches it.However, there are certain conditions that need to comply with in any way.It is important not just come in and plunge when you see fit, and the right to defend during the dedicatory prayer of the reservoir, and then move to immersion in the cleaning Epiphany water.Before you plunge into the Jordan, it is the day before to go to confession, and thus help to prepare a spiritual mentor for such a significant event.

Epiphany water properties are maintained, provided that it is stored in a tightly sealed container.The storage area should be quiet, calm, and preferably near the icons.Do not place containers with holy water in places where you spend a lot of time where you can argue about something, which operates TV.Because the water very quickly changes its properties to obtain new information.It should be remembered, and that the baptismal water, as well as any other liquid stored in a closed vessel for a long time may deteriorate.In this case, do not just pour this water into the sink.Dishes, which kept baptismal water can not be used in everyday life.This is especially true of plastic containers.

should also dispel some myths about the baptismal water.The first and most common myth is that the water is consecrated 18 and 19 January, for different properties.According to church canons, and both water completely equal.The second most popular misconception is a rumor which states that all the water in the world on the day of Epiphany becomes holy.The properties of the baptismal water has only the water that "hear" the prayer of consecration of the day.The rest of the water has special properties, so that miracles from it should not wait.

And in the end I would like to add that there is one ancient rite that now rarely used.When you bring the house Epiphany water is sure to sprinkle it all home.Then you clean your home from negative energy and sanctified it by the grace of the whole year.Also, using candles to create a special soot, which is then applied to the protective cross on the wall of housing.Today, however, it can be quite dangerous to your home.But in any case, even the usual sprinkling of holy water can not hurt.