Poetry Product: heather honey

Heather honey is considered a gourmet product.Some like it as soon as they try it for taste, the other he seems bitter.In some countries, this honey is very popular, and experts appreciate its taste.It is made from the nectar of ling (branched evergreen).It can be seen in the tundra, in a pine forest on sands and burned areas.Heather honey is produced in Europe and Asia, but 75% of the product is made in Scotland.It is very useful, has an interesting taste and has ductility.In rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, infectious arthritis is recommended to use just such a sweetness.

There is also "Heather Honey" verse.This is a great popular ballad, written back in 1880 by Robert Stevenson.The product consists of eleven octave and describes the events of bygone days.The poem is dedicated to the people who had been banished king of Scotland.

... From the crowds were chosen father and son, they were taken to His Majesty for them to show how to prepare the sweet intoxicating drink made from heather.Ac

cident threatened executions and torture, that they discovered the secret of the king.Finally, the old man gave up.But shame restrains her son before his father.So he asks the king first drown little son, so he did not see the shame.His Majesty agrees and throws the poor man into the sea.At the end the author tells readers that the old man was not afraid of no fire, torture, and secret umrirat with him.And in his heart he will hope that his child still survives.

Unfortunately, some fragments of the ballad were destroyed.Nevertheless, the basic idea - Medovar heroism, cruelty and greed of the monarch is understandable."Heather Honey" scattered around the world;the first time this work has translated into Russian Nikolay Chukovsky.After it did Samuil Marshak.The new version was published in 1941, it has become a popular and readable, but still easy on her faded background.When, in 1947, SJMarshak and titled one of his collections - "heather honey".Today, it is the poem examines each student, it is included in the program and popular among writers to this day.Readers can hear the verses of this work, set to music and enjoying the melodic song.

Robert Stevenson called the ballad "Galloueyskaya legend."This name was inspired by the terrain Galloway in southwest Scotland, which liked to be a writer.Historians believe that only a few of the events described in the ballad, the reality.Author was based only on tradition, refers to that period of time.It is said that "Heather Honey" Marshak has translated so well that, after reading the work of at least one time in his life, a man falls in love with Scotland forever.And he will want to try this product.

Based on the poem by the same name was filmed movie, set in the theater scene, created musical works.In short, the ballad did not leave anyone indifferent.