How delicious to cook the chicken in multivarka?

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If there is a chicken carcass, then a power problem is solved: from it we can cook soup, make hot, cheat cutlets, rolls.Obtain and complete meal, and diet and, most importantly, healthy dinner.And you can cook the chicken in multivarka - roasted whole or parts of it, and giblets cook soup.Practice has proved that multivarochnaya food is not inferior to (and in many ways superior to) food, cooked the traditional method.Moreover, it is much more useful.

How to cook chicken in multivarka with potatoes?Here is an example

full meals for lunch or dinner.Preparing short and simple.

Ingredients for the recipe:

- 600 g chicken, 600 g potatoes, salt, spices, garlic, fresh herbs - to taste.

chicken chopped into equal pieces of peeled potatoes to make cubes.Ingredients salt, add spices.Meat lay on the bottom of the bowl multivarochnoy and potatoes - to the steam capacity.Handle oil bowl is not necessary - enough of their own fat hen, which is heated with the process of cooking.Enable "Baking" for 1 hour.For half an hour until ready to pour into a bowl of hot water: it will make the meat more juicy and tender.

How to cook chicken in multivarka (without garnish)?

be required ingredients:

- Chicken - 2 kg of salt, spices - the choice and taste.

the same way you can cook chicken in multivarka.So, to cut a chicken carcass, separating the wings and legs.The bulk of the chopped into pieces of medium size.Season with salt, add spices (optional), folded into a bowl Multivarki 2 "floor".Each layer pour spices, enable "Quenching" for 60 minutes.Cooking without the addition of water: the resulting fat enough to get juicy meat.

How to cook chicken in multivarka stuffed?

Chicken is stuffed with buckwheat and walnuts.Dish - not everyday, but rather a celebration.It takes some skill and patience, but, as the authors of the recipe, the result of "just" consumers "rainbow" of flavors, a variety of flavors and tender, melting flesh.

basic ingredients:

- 1 kg of broiler chicken, 2 cups (multi) buckwheat, 1 cup (Multi) peeled nuts.

Additional ingredients (spices, oils):

- oil drain.(100 g), soy sauce (30 g), flour (10 g), egg (1), honey (10 g), turmeric, onions (1) normal, salt, spices (to taste).

How to cook a whole chicken: in multivarka stuffed with buckwheat?

Recipe consuming and requires seemingly quite pretty specific manipulation of the products.But as they say, is not that hard: all turns, and you will.The main thing - do not give in, and to get down to business acumen.Cooking "likes" energetic and vigorous.What you have to do?Firstly, the "release" of the carcass backbone (skeleton).Tip: a cutscene with master classes on the subject.Secondly, the carcass will have to do, "injected" soya sauce, and this would require a regular medical syringe 10 "cubes".

1. carcass wash, peel, cut fat and set aside.Remove bones, bones and set aside.Prepare a mixture of salt, pepper, honey.Dial into the syringe soy sauce, enter, and then rub the outside honey mixture.Put the carcass to cool.

2. On the bones to cook soup, buckwheat cook it.

3. Fat grind, melt and fry the onion in it.Add to buckwheat.

4. Nuts little fry in butter and attach to the porridge.

5. When buckwheat has cooled, break into her egg, add flour, sprinkle with salt, turmeric and spices.Carefully stir.

6. Since the carcass buckwheat, cervical pre-sewing up the hole.Then sew up the belly should be.

7. loin chicken "nashpritsevat" butter (melted).

8. carcass lay in multivarku, enable the "Hot" for half an hour.Then turn and cook for 20-25 minutes.Cooking on the remaining oil.

9. Cooked chicken cut across, to submit a meat juice or white sauce.